The Black Lung - QLD, AUS Regional 1st place

Dazm0 614

giphy.gif Geist and Zoolander look alike don't they?

This is the deck that I took to Qld Regionals losing only 1 game against Sync with him in Double Elimination after 2 turns of 24/7 in a row, which in retrospect I could've got around.

Geist is such a fun ID to play, and depending on your meta he can handle most corps right now. I think I'm somewhat lucky that the Qld meta didn't join the rest of the world in playing Moons, even though I think he still has some game vs it.

The build that I played in ANZAC finals was slightly different with -1 Spy Camera & +1 Vamadeva as I was expecting CI, but didn't end up using it.

Pretty much a standard Geist build apart from a couple of cards.

Deep Data Mining...... OMG, what a card! combine with all the link and B&E breakers and you're pretty much always gonna see 5 cards.

1x Levy AR Lab Access.. With the inclusion of Deep Data Mining you just win games quicker!

Film Critic is because Skorpios/Hunter Seeker was starting to see play.

Maxwell James is great for the extra link, but rarely used him for his ability. Though between Forger, Sports Hopper & Maxwell James, you can pretty much always get max Value from Deep Data Mining.

2x Temüjin Contract... you only really need 1 sometimes, but you need to see it.

Saker over Demara.... In testing I found that being able to bounce Saker rather than trashing Demara when Deep Data Mining, I wasn't getting locked out as much late game.

Cards I would like to run/would consider swapping?

Hunting Grounds instead of Film Critic or a Temüjin Contract isn't a bad idea. Komainu can be a pain for Geist & it also take the pressure off Aaron Marrón when running through Data Ravens.

The Shadow Net means another Deep Data Mining or Legwork if you need to close out a game that you're probably going to lose anyway.

If there's heaps of Sync in your meta this may be the deck for you!

If you wanna play some good 'ol fashun Netrunner like the good 'ol days, then having a go at this could be worth a go too ;).

7 Jul 2017 johnofarc

Congrats on the win! How do you deal with asset spam?

7 Jul 2017 tzeentchling

Saker is just so terrible against Eli without Datasucker support though! I suppose if you don't run into EtF that often it's acceptable, but 6 to break is just terrible.

12 Jul 2017 Dazm0

@johnofarc focus on multi-access, DDM wins games! Trash key assets get film critic down if they're on Lakshmi.

@tzeentchling You actually don't use Saker very often, usually, the B&E breakers are enough. If you do need to use it you're probably only doing 1 run per turn at the most, in that case multiple stacked Eli, you'd probably click through 1.