[1st Place Startup CO] Grey 👅 in startup

enkoder 969

I went 3-1 in a startup CO this weekend with my corp going 4-0 for a clean 1st place. Check out my very original corp deck here.

This is my take on Grey’s Greytongue deck which has been doing very well in standard. You’ll notice the decks are pretty similar and I think this version is also quite strong. Matryoshka is a pretty good alternative to the bin breakers since you really only want to run once or twice a turn with this deck. Once you find two dolls then you can start hitting HQ landing Chastushkas. 3x Botulus also helps here since you want to apply HQ pressure throughout the game. I’m running 3x NFL to protect against kill and Retribution, but often just played it for money or a hit point in matchups where it didn’t matter. Overall I think this is the best non-boat runner. It’s certainly more fun then boat! Just smash the core dmg buttons until the game is over. It’s very linear but the corp disruption is much more fun than the class of shaper lock decks in startup imo.

Round 1 vs Jinteki: Personal Evolution (win)

Got pretty lucky this game since Jason only nabbed an extra 1 pointer with #Regenisis. But I just kept going hard on sabo until I had two steelskins in hand then ran archives ftw.

Round 2 vs NBN: Reality Plus (win)

Almost milled Neal out on this one! Played pretty careful throughout the game but also got lucky by hitting two #dragos during a #finality dig. Botulus on HQ was huge this game as the corp struggled to get another good ice rezzed on HQ like Funhouse as I think they were milled.

Round 3 vs Weyland Consortium: Built to Last FA (win)

This game was brutally close. @Tcpdump was on a FA deck and got to 6 points quite quickly with a San San on the table. I managed to time a finality quite perfectly stealing both hostiles and an atlas to close out the game after stealing one from HQ and one from archives earlier. Better lucky than good!

Round 4 vs Thule Subsea: Safety Below (loss)

I was nervous to face the Thule matchups since I had never played this matchups. I went all in on sabo and core dmg basically from the start hoping to nab the #ontologicals but didn’t sabo any of them. In hindsight I got too locked in on the 3 Chastushkas in my hand and proceeded to land them over the next three turns but this meant I couldn’t run HQ since I only say two Matryoshkas. In hindsight I should have just played normal netrunner here and kept poking HQ since thats where the other agendas were hiding. Overall good game but Drew was able to draw the 0/2s and win fairly easily. I think if I practiced this matchup more Esa still has a solid matchup.