Hello, sicko department? (1st & undefeated @ NYC CO)

NotAgain 898

All I wanted to do the past week has been to play PE. Unfortunately, it's just not a functional ID this point. I also have been feeling pretty sad during deckbuilding, almost like I've mixed and matched all sorts of decks and there's nothing new to explore (besides shaper, I do not touch that).

I simply wanted a functional but fun deck for the CO, expecting a bunch of sharks to come, I wasn't hoping to do too well. Played too much outfit this year and do not want to touch that for a bit, I do not understand HB so that is out of the option. Jinteki isn't real, I don't like azmari glacier, R+ is dead to all the imps running around. Went to the weekly meetup without any decks of my own as I was looking for some inspiration, but nothing really stuck.

2 days before the CO, as I was digging through random jnet decks, I came across an old Mwanza R+ that Dan from the Boston meta had played for a janks event last year. Who knew he was actually cooking gas. Made quite some changes to it, was fun to play on the ~30 jnet games I managed to grind out so sent it. It's not PE but it sure has the soul of it.

Massive thanks to the Boston meta and gg,gg for bouncing ideas, games and pointers off of! And of course to Radiant & Kysra for running the CO.

How to play

Now to the actual strategy and how to play the deck, or at least how I play it: Stop being passive! Jam early agendas. This is a deck that is rushing, or at least making the runner think you are rushing. In reality you want to actively force the runner through a taggy remote knowing full well that they must do it lest you win the game (aka score out). And if they do run through it, you win anyway by flatlines or sinking the runner's econ into tags. Have you played beale or no beale? How about behold or (hold my) agenda? Anything is a behold (or more) if it's attached to an amaze. Beale? Behold. Oracle? Behold. Behold? Behold.

Expecting the runner to make mistakes is a losing line. That is not what the PE ideology is. You need to force the runner to make bad decisions in a way that they know it is a bad decision but they have no choice. What are they going to do when you're on 5 points and install a card in a remote? Be forced to run it. Knowing that more than 20% of your accesses will be messed up is huge. They're losing tempo on every access and you're going to push them further down the hole until the line ends.

Some very very useful tips: No value end of the lines, no scoring oracles unless you're planning to score out.

P.S. How to PD?!?!

25 Feb 2024 maninthemoon

This is awesome! Love it, well done. 👍

25 Feb 2024 Paillu

This deck is very cool but I'm disappointed in your slander of Jinteki. Good job with the tournament!

25 Feb 2024 Jai

sicko quotient rising to hazardous levels

P.S. score ice, return agendas, install seamless launch. ez

25 Feb 2024 Council

Not ye lose faith, wayward child

25 Feb 2024 funkeyman232

Honored that you dusted off my old Mwanza R+, and thrilled that you swept with the deck. Congrats

25 Feb 2024 Wentagon

This deck is NPE (NotAgain Pro Era)

25 Feb 2024 Dave976

Sick List. Sick Win. Congrats on shipping the NYC CO.

26 Feb 2024 rongydoge

i love being unbelievably goddamn stupid nice work

im so dumb lmao

26 Feb 2024 NotAgain

Thank you all so much! ❤️

@Paillu I'm sorry to disappoint, I want jinteki (especially PE) to be good as much as you if not more but I'm very lost on building decks for it that aren't Yodeling punitive. 😔

@JaiInstructions unclear, ate agendas.

@rongydoge I too felt the same way piloting while the deck. 🤝

28 Feb 2024 Santa

This is sick! Love Mwanza City Grid! Congrats on the win!

Hope we get to cross paths at another tournament!

29 Feb 2024 ThePatrician

Some heroes wear Yellow. :D

5 Mar 2024 ctz


5 Mar 2024 NotAgain

He exists!!! (pikachushocked.jpg)