Jacques Out Redux

atomic 297

After testing the previous iteration and receiving great suggestions from the community, I've settled on a much more polished version. It's still not competitive but it is a bit more consistent and it's still lots of fun! I will go over the changes below.

  • I've added Zule because it's the better cloud decoder.

  • Feedback Filter for all the nasty IG games on Jnet. You will be rich with all their un-ICEd servers. It's nice when you hit an unexpected Snare! as well.

  • A pair of Special Orders to pull out your missing breaker, since I also dropped a Shrike for influence.

  • I dumped Rachel because I was living in a pipe dream. Having 5 clicks is great but the 8 credits is too much of a temp hit early/mid game, and by late game it doesn't matter as much.

  • I've opted for a Film Critic but have also been testing Oracle May in that spot as well. Spy Cams make calling out your next card a sure thing but I feel like avoiding Argus, PE, Haarp, and TFP hassles is a better call.

  • The Employee Strike has been a game changer in a few games (looking at you IG!) and should be a one-of in almost every deck.

  • I added a Decoy in to avoid a Snare or SEA Source tag, which could save your life.

  • More Drive Bys because killing sysops is good and less Drug Dealers because drugs are bad.

  • I'm still on the fence about PLOP. It works wonders in certain situations but I don't install it every game. I'm not ready to give it up yet though.

As before, I'm up for any and all comments, questions, and suggestions!

16 Apr 2016 FreqKing

Nice work! I took some inspiration from your deck but retooled using Andromeda. The combo comes together more reliably I've been finding. I'm curious, how are you using Jak Sinclair here?

16 Apr 2016 atomic

Thanks! I can see how Andy would make this run a lot smoother right out of the gate.

Jak is used for a strictly money making Au Revoir run when you turn begins. Also triggering Reflection. Chances are there's an unprotected server, so no need for breakers. If they have all the servers protected then find the one that has the sentry on the outside and use Nero's ability to jack out while making your Jak run.


17 Apr 2016 rubyvr00m

Can you get Au Revoir money with Jak Sinclair? He specifically says "You cannot use programs during this run."

17 Apr 2016 atomic

@rubyvr00m Yes. Click the link for verification: twitter.com