All pads must die, 8-1 and 8th at NA continentals


I landed on this deck a day before the tournament when I gave up on playing leela. I was having a lot of trouble with beating faster decks on crim so I decided to go over to Anarch since Zero is insane. I used an old Hoshiko deck I had and rebuilt it to be better against faster corps. I ended up with three influence left and having to submit my decks in a couple of hours I decided to play three pad taps, since its good against basically everything.

The pad taps ended up never sticking more than one turn. Luckily the rest of the deck pulled its weight with it's only loss being on turn one to CodeMarvelous on the outfit.

Rezeki and Hippo were both MVP and helped a lot in the GameNet and Outfit matchups. In the end I would probably cut the pad taps for rebirth, boomerang and another Stimhack.

Finally I want to thank the entire Glenrunner meetup for helping me test and prepare for the tournament.

4 Aug 2020 valerian32

I thought the name was America continentals since it's not only North America.

Nice deck, by the way = D