No Tilt, No Guilt! 3-1 Tampere GNK

Buppu2099 59

Credit goes to Pouchsurfer and the Thule Who? deck.

This deck is fantastic fun to play. Practically tilt free for the corp thanks to the many one pointers that fuel the ID, fake points and Stock Buy-Back. Tilt free for the corp, not so much for the runner.

alt text

Some changes I made:

Removed Mavirus of course, because that is a cowardly card. My grampa wiped viruses using the three whole clicks, and what is good enough for him, is good enough for me.

Audacity is right out. Thanks to Ontological Dependence we can use old fashioned core damage as a funnier fast advance tool.

Jua is a fine choice for the current meta. Not only does it burn down the Erd Tree, it also does a number on the conspiracy breakers. No clue what Arella Salvatore is supposed to do here. She get's the boot for the next version of this deck.

This deck is a hoot to play and protected me from the dreaded "Tilt" during the tournament. Every agenda the runner steals gives you a neat bonus, Nightmare Archive keeps their score low until the very late game.

Seeing a long line of agendas and minus points makes playing a Stock Buy-Back all the sweeter. Yes it works with Meridian and Nightmare Archive just fine. Wish I could add News Team to the mix, but I can't justify the tags.

Thumbs up to Drafter, which fetched a Giordano Memorial Field effectively ending the run in the nick of time.

Give it a try, the deck is a lot of fun.

6 Feb 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Hypoxia could be you tag justification!