Bio-Bladder IG prison (eternal) /unbeaten without quotes!/

Krasty 693

This is my corp deck I bring to 2022 NSG Online Eternal Tournament.
Missing of Jacksons, Doctors and specially Obokatas hurts a lot, but you could go around...
Because plan is easy: spread Bio-Bladder and try to cannot be trashed until runner dies. And he/she/they will die, believe me.. :o)
When Bladderwort was released I start thinking how good could be 6 Bios in IG and I realised it is so powerfull. But what can you do if you go upper than 4 creds? Just put your bucks in Vault and continue grinding...

Not sure about nameing of the the deck, but honestly to say: this could be beaten by clever Cri_ms* if they have good draw and you play like an idiot (which happens yesterday during testing!). But still something which is pretty difficult to defeat...

Thanks organizers, my oponents, @lostgeek and all others I forgot that I can attend and play this lovely format on tournament!

7 points in eternal system:
2 Points
Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions
Bio-Ethics Association
1 Point
Breached Dome
Violet Level Clearance

19 Nov 2022 nbkelly

without quotes <3

20 Nov 2022 Krasty

@nbkelly: ...just on this tournament! (this was longer than name of the deck could be). This deck could be beaten...
btw I saw yours deck and is so nice adition of Storgotic Resonator. I hope I will find a place for that! :o)