Boom or Bust (1st, Australian Nationals, 30/11/2019)

RJorb 194

Props to @spags and @cranked for this excellent CtM list! My version was almost identical to Spags' list, except that I changed a Hydra into a third IP Block (for an extra piece of rezzable ice in the early game) and dropped a PAD Campaign for a Market Forces (as tech for the Liza matchup).

The deck went 5-2 over the course of the tournament, with the following matchups:

Round 1: Bye.

Round 2: Beat Freedom.

Round 3: ID'd (but played and beat Hayley).

Round 4: ID'd (but played and lost to Apoc Val).

Round 5: ID'd (but played and beat Apoc Gnat).

Cut: Lost to Adam, beat Leela, beat Adam.