Botulus Is A Helluva Card

Jai 1570

Or, I Was A Coward And Replaced An Actual Good Card With Buffer Drive

Went 3-1 and 2nd at the APAC Startup GNK. Thanks to @lukevanryn for hosting!

Not much to say here honestly, Botulus and Emergency Shutdown are sick in Steve when you get to play more than 3 of either. Only loss in the event came to eventual winner @miek when the only ICE rezzed all game was the Magnet on HQ. Makes this deck really sad if you don't find your decoder early.

Sneakdoor and Sec Testing are your Archives pressure tools. Sneakdoor/Run/Shutdown/Shutdown is a brutal brutal turn in particular, and not all that unlikely to set up with 3x TCA. Sec Testing is also your out against the asset matchup; combined with Botulus on HQ ice and your ID power you generally out econ NEH without too much trouble.

Deck is slightly soft to Retribution nonsense, but you're generally able to keep them off balance enough that they may not be able to push through a Public Trail. Even then with Botuluses, Boomers, and Inside Jobs you're able to get by just fine.

In any case my future cuts would be -Buffer Drive +Mutual Favor -Wildcat Strike +some generically good 2inf card. Creative Commission is fine here, as is a second copy of a breaker.

Shoutout in particular to my last round opponent @nbkelly for that crazy crazy game, and having to do 10 minutes of Punitive Counterstrike math!