CBI Top 8 🤘

benticurus 1772

I'm lazy and basically brought the same Circuit Opener startup winner deck I played last year.

The Maker's Eye is good. Well timed Jailbreak on HQ is clutch in getting points. Light the Fire! was played a grand total of 0 times, so 2 unused influence right there. Fundamentals and some luck can take you far.

Thanks to all the folks that organized a really fun event, did streaming, and made it an awesome time for everyone. Congrats to @leachrode for taking the crown.

P.S. Thanks to @asqwasqw who made the original version of the deck.

Recommended changes:

This would make the deck more consistent and aggressive, especially early game, which is where you need it most. Aniccam & Diesel is 4 draws for 0.

15 Jan 2023 Gaxeco

Yeah... this is not a Startup deck anymore sadly, so many cards here rotated out :(

15 Jan 2023 benticurus

I was under the impression that Startup is any card with the NullSignal card back, and that Startup never rotates. I'm just going off of the Jinteki.net "Startup legal" banner.

15 Jan 2023 benticurus

I see now that the Jinteki.net banner is out of date with the rotation. Description and titled have been fixed, thanks for pointing it out.

16 Jan 2023 Baa Ram Wu

This deck smoked me yesterday and I wasn’t even Mad! Kit making the Cut made me all warm and fuzzy inside!