Ambush under the moon - 0-3 NZ Nats 2023-09-16

Diogene 4029

Tried to spice up the list that I used for Canada East Nat 2023. But it did not go well.

Here is the original list.


Game plan : flat line the runner through shell games.

Mulligan plan : maximum one agenda.

The deck lost against MGK (Hoshiko), Mortivor (419) and techgin (Tao). Those were all fun games.

Thanks to all my opponents for the fun games. Shoutout to nbkelly for judging and organizing the event, it was excellent.

Short version of the changes : -1 Clearinghouse, -1 Spin Doctor, -1 Urtica Cipher, +2 Cerebral Overwriter, +1 Moon Pool.

Reason for the change : without Cerebral Overwriter a runner has much less fear of running advanced assets, when the list is known. Also, at the event, I saw that Moon Pool was very potent and can save agendas located in archive or HQ.

The play pattern is all about putting assets and agendas on the board, naked. To know how to do that, you put something on the board on the first and/or second turn. If the runner checks them, you know you have to put assets rather than agendas on the board. If the runner does not check them, you can put agendas and assets like Reaper Function on the board.

The best strategy against this deck that I have seen so far, is to check a bit of centrals, and a bit of remotes. This makes choices more difficult for this corp. Not concentrate on only centrals or only remotes, which makes the game so much easier for this corp.

The main weakness of the deck is Diversion of Funds. Anemone does not have any stopping power and the economy of the deck is rather weak. This was demonstrated, on Jai stream, when I got DoF 3 times by 419 (the toughest matchup after Lat).

All in all, the original list went better than this one. If I had to redo this, I would just cut a Trick of Light from the original list and add a Moon Pool. The latter really demonstrated how good it was in many games.

On the day of the event, two other games were lost when the opponent just tried to dig R&D a bit and got all their points like that. This is a possibility with a deck that uses few ices. The variance is higher. Also, my opponents played rather well by checking sometime the remotes and sometimes the centrals, which is the correct strategy.

When played in person, this deck is MUCH more fun. The bluff aspect of this deck cannot be understated. It makes for memorable moments. Cheers!

16 Sep 2023 bluestar

Damn that's a bummer. I'm taking basically this list to Australia East Nationals next week, I'll try to do you proud. Though I expect the same issues you faced, since that's what has happened in the few games I've lost with it on jnet. So it really just comes down to runner temperament. I am looking forward to playing it in meat space though, I wonder if my poker face is going to be good enough.

17 Sep 2023 Shorty

Hows about switching the Hybrids with False Leads? It did some work in my PE deck by stealing those badly needed runner clicks to draw up after they hitting an Sting/Fuji/Trap... they need the upfront score but they can greatly help creating kill windows.

18 Sep 2023 Diogene

@bluestar, this form of deck is still a lot of fun when playing in person. But it you start seeing more criminals, especially 419: Amoral Scammer, then the deck would need to be rebalanced. Mainly to have some way to recover from Diversion of Funds. I found it not too hard to keep a poker face, because half the time I'm calculating if I have lethal on the board, making me lost in my thoughts. Haha!

@Shorty, False Lead is a great consideration. Really goes well with the trap part of the deck, allowing you to win before the runner can make themselve safe through drawing or through contesting servers. Hybrid Release was there mainly because it allowed for an easy damage, often from hand. It was also an easy 7th point (seldom used, because we flatline the runner before that). You could do the switch and the deck might be better for it. Tell how it went in your tests.