Fuji function - Top cut 6th (4-1) at Canada East Nat 2023

Diogene 4088

Second best Jinteki deck at Canadian East Coast National 2023 in Montreal.

I took this deck to Canadian East Coast National (2023-08-26) in Montreal and got to 5th place (of 39) in swiss. The deck lost in the top cut.

On the day it went like this :

  • Win vs Liam (Loup)
  • Win vs Chelsea (Arissana)
  • Loss Marc-André (Lat)
  • Win vs Eric (Hoshiko)
  • Win vs Alex (Lat)
  • Top cut, lost vs Kyle (Hoshiko)

Game plan : Flatline the runner.

Mulligan plan : maximum one agenda in hand or have econ cards in your hand.

You can see it on Metropole Grid here.

See it being played by Neon Static here.

See its first match at the event here.

At the last minute, I switched one Moon Pool for one Mavirus, because virus matters.

Using Mitosis in a asset spam / shell game type of deck was a lot of fun. Going to server 15+ is common here.

Nothing says "jank deck" as a deck without Hedge Fund and without Rashida Jaheem.

The first time you use it, you get to discover what type of runner is in front of you. Either they check the remotes or they don't and concentrate on centrals. If they check the remote, put traps in there, as much as possible, since they will be checked. Otherwise build your win conditions in your remotes.

My meta call was that there would be plenty of Arissana Rocha Nahu: Street Artist decks. For those, just don't use ices, so as not to enable Arissana Rocha Nahu: Street Artist. They can try to use Conduit, but that can backfire pretty quickly.

Stargate is the main threat. I betted that I would not see it, as it is not popular in the current meta. I was right. Otherwise, Stargate can really put an hard pressure on this deck.

I expected many Hoshiko decks and they were more than a few. But money can be an issue if econ cards are getting trashed but net damages, and trashing those assets cost credits.

Thanks to all the participants, it was a blast to see and play with all of you. Special thanks to Andrej for organizing, Mattie for supporting the whole event and Adam at the Silver Goblin for hosting us past its normal hours.


28 Aug 2023 m31345

Nothing says "jank deck" like a deck with 3 ICEs out of 49 cards! I'm very curious to try it out and lose my friends :p

28 Aug 2023 Diogene

@m31345 every friendship is a Personal Evolution 😋

11 Sep 2023 wowarlok

I played this list with -1 Clearinghouse -1 Marilyn Campaign +2 Cerebral Overwriter this past week end and had a blast.

Highlight of the day was managing to find a credit perfect kill with Sting! + Mindscaping powered up by the single tag from Snare!

13 Sep 2023 bluestar

@wowarlok Did you find the Overwriter got to fire often? I've been testing whether I want the core damage or extra money and chance to have multiple houses go off at once.

1 Oct 2023 Skandrino

What about House of Knives?