Reg CtM (1st at 2018 Atomic Empire SC)

JDC_Wolfpack 113

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I'm not a great CtM player, it's just not my style. However, I figured after world's I should try and learn the deck. Turns out I'm still not good at it but I manged to get 2 wins with it. 1 in swiss to slide into the cut on 5-3, and then again in the grand finals in a spectacular match against @CrushU on Sunny (still can't believe this win, you can read about it in his Sunny write up).

Nothing new to say about the deck. I switched the list up slightly from what I took to the Richmond SC (link). My local meta mates know my deck well enough I decided to go to 3 QPM and 1 ARES over 2&2 for a surprise factor and added the 3rd Raven as a result. I also switched to 2x TarMar because I knew I'd face a lot of Anarch and would need to clear Hacktivist. While I didn't actually win much on the day, the TarMars are a must include if you have any anarchs in your meta. It did work for me on the day clearing 3-4 Hacktivist/Strikes, Stalling a Combo Wu by calling SMC T1, and clearing Another Day Another Paycheck against a Sunny to keep them off remote camp money.