Mill 32, pass. [MWL 3.4]

Berzelius 263

At a friend's request, the jank I was tinkering with at our game nights in early 2020.

The idea is to use By Any Means and start running RND with Möbius and Data Breach to tear it apart. DaVinci is used to install clickless Paparazzi, while Ankusa frees RND with the Pelangi and Gebrselassie support. Bookmark is useful to stash your combo pieces without having them clogging your hand.

It has a 1-9 record, but in the one it won it managed to mill 32 cards from RND in a single turn with a dream Beth-Upya combination (and Equivocation was not installed!).

In the final iterations, before Covid hit, I was trying to move it to a more serious Hayley with a complete rig and so on. Everything rotated, but By Any Means is still here. Fellow janksters, I challenge thee!

14 May 2023 Baa Ram Wu

I love By Any Means... but in a world without paparazzi it is very hard to get real value from it.

I think the only real way to abuse it currently would be tag me anarch playing Mercs. - Take a bunch of tags, then power turn of: By any means, instal mercs, install Counter surveillance, mill r&d for number of tags you have.

Interestingly - it is one way to deal with all the negative point decks that are currently plaguing standard!

14 May 2023 Berzelius

Very nice idea, I'll definitely have to try!