The Guillotine (1st-place NZ nationals)

cyberewok 469

This deck had a 6-1 record at New Zealand nationals (21 players). It is essentially a direct copy of @echo/'s "The Guillotine" list from uk nationals given to me with meta changes made by @Davidus (who also convinced me the list was good). Over the last few months I made a few small changes to try match current meta and tested a few other corps. This performed better recently as there is far less Sac Con since Tapwrm was added to the restricted list.
Here is a video of the deck in action vs the lovely Dave (@GhostMeat)

13 Apr 2018 EnderA

The biggest issue I've had with Skorp is Employee Strike + heap breakers. What's your general strategy vs EStrike Val?

14 Apr 2018 cyberewok

Hi! Thanks for the question. I have played against a few different vals with e strikes with this deck now and feel OK in the matchup. We probably just lose if they get all breakers + e strike + money. However, they can't use early injects until they find an e strike; they should be slower to setup. This means we want to basically rush out as fast as possible (i.e. first 2 ice will probably go on a remote).

As for midgame, we have 2 standoffs + 3 hostiles so have some of counter play to currents. We also have arc lockdown and the battis to slow them down further. The matchup is worse if they have turntable as a console.

16 Apr 2018 FightingWalloon

Congratulations on your victory. What were the key Tithonium uses when you were playing the deck? With 3 Archer and Tithonium, did you ever get into awkward spots with ice your could not rez?