[Startup] Cheshire Cat Hunting Birds

holzpubbnsubbe 51

ggDropbear inspired this through his Vodka Cat deck: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/4c2dcf8b-0664-4ad6-98c7-82699924687a/vodka-cat-aunc-22-startup-

I added the Egret, because cats like to hunt birds, or something. 26 stupid events makes this pretty bonkers, but you want full value from that cats' prickly tongue, with which it can talk plain nonsense all the time, and you want every word it is saying. Mavirus + Magnet locks you out pretty bad, but who cares. Sabotage is just a side effect, don't rely on it. We do a little bit of everything and keep oppo guessing, and ourselves. R&D is usually the main target though. You don't need a 3+ handsize, since you're playing a lot of events anyways. But you are also never in control - noone is, but the cat (possibly)!

I could imagine a version with Mystic Maemi and The Twinning, though, for repeated access.

Currently 2 wins vs 0 losses on jnet - will probably never play it again :)