Old Revolutionary Reina - fast and oppressive

mao 678


Reina is back! She's a veteran now, forged by the fire of war! She has more links, more connections and new battle tricks up her sleeve!

This deck is quite fast and very oppressive in the late game.

Aumakua, Dirty Laundry and Run Amok for early pressure. This is the phase of the game where this deck, like every Anarch, suffers the most. These cards are very helpful to mitigate the danger.

Employee Strike because it's essential against a lot of played Corps: PU, PE, Aginfusion, every HB, CtM, SYNC, etc. Interdiction when you go for the remote with an agenda in it and also very useful against Batty and other upgrades.

Security Nexus is the very oppressive card for the middle-late game. You know what it does.

The Archivist is simply great: +1 link that allows you to fire your Underworld Contact and a lot of agendas are actually Initiative, so more bad pubs and cheap runs for you. Mining Accident also contributes for that.

Maxwell James for extra link basically.

The Turning Wheel for multiaccess.

Last but not least Rebirth, for the moment that Reina's ability starts to be less effective and you can close the game becoming Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist or starting to trash things with Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer.

That's all! Enjoy it and I'll be grateful for every contribution!

P. S. If you want to see it in action, here the link to CodeMarvelous's testing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiWA3zj8dOA

4 Dec 2017 Rahrhino

Cool deck! I'll definitely give this a whirl as it looks quite similar to the deck I have been running recently --> netrunnerdb.com

Maxwell is a super nice include for Reina... Might have to see if I can squeeze him in somewhere...

4 Dec 2017 mao

@Rahrhino thank you! This deck is very balanced. The only change i suggest if in your meta are played a lot of Jinteki decks is: -1 Turning Wheel and +1 Caldera. This weekend also performed quite well in a local tournament: 3 victories and only 1 loss.