Making Some Noise (Linköping Store Champ 1st)

tradet 235

We had a small Store Championship with 6 players and 3 rounds and my trusty Noise deck went undefeated. My corp deck went 2-1. Democracy and Dogma was not legal.

After trying out Inject and Levy AR Lab Access from BigBoy Noise I decided it's the superior lower variance version compared to what I've run earlier. I tried out variations with 2x I've Had Worse and 1-2x Hacktivist Meeting to combat asset spam and currents but since I didn't expect any IG I skipped them.

Plascrete Carapace saved me one game against a scorch SYNC matchup but Scheherazade didn't do all too much for me. The 46th card was a Same Old Thing as I wasn't comfortable saving Levy/Deja Vu on hand. I might cut one of them or just leave it at 46 cards just to annoy someone.