Apocalice (Undefeated Online GNK)

Sokka 4741

I have been using this deck for a while with a lot of success (winning two online tournaments recently). I firmly believe Apoc is best out of Alice. Alice’s ability is such a threat if used correctly and it synergizes so well with cards like Hacktivist Meeting and Wanton Destruction. It forces most corps to ICE archives which makes your DDoS so much more effective. Don’t play 2x Moshing. 2 copies is too many with only 2 of each conspiracy breaker. I’m definitely switching a Moshing for a third Dirty Laundry. Deuces Wild is a good answer for a lot of tag strategies involving Data Raven or IP Block and allows for safe Apoc plays.

This is a strong deck against most corps and is very consistent. Would love to hear thoughts or feedback!

29 Mar 2020 Möbius Striptease

I like this a lot! I played a lot of apocalypse MaxX before rotation, and this has a lot of the same elements! I'll have to give it a spin.