So what are traps that fire while in HQ that make this card worth it? First of course is Snare! for a total cost of 6, two cards, and a click(to place Kitsune) +whatever ice install cost, you deal 3 net damage and 1 tag. There's also Cyberdex Virus Suite, Fetal AI for 2 net damage, Shi.Kyū, Shock!, Space Camp, TGTBT. I think it's clear that Snare is the best but it's just so expensive and hard to set up that I find it hard to justify this ICE in any deck.

I won the most epic game with this card. Late game, shaper runner with complete rig to use powerful stealth icebreakers. I wasn't able to install an agenda because it would be stolen. Turn after turn, I collected credits and my opponent was running R&D (I used celebrity gift to show him 3 ambushes in HQ, and he knew I had 3 shocks in archives). At last last I was able to install Kitsune (3rd ICE) and Pup-pup (4rd ICE - 'cause runner's special ability to make the first ICE code gate - he would be able to break a trap). He made another run for R&D, paid for pup-pup and... BAM! Kitsune + Snare! Flatlined! I had only 3 cards left in my R&D :) —
Someone would run against jinteki with 2 or less cards in their hand? Hm... —