Well, for all the Weyland fans out there, Salvaged Memories has been a true feast of meat... Damage, that is.

With the Salvaged Memories set coming out we now have a cornucopia of explosions to serve the runner! One tag? Scorched Earth! Two tags? BOOM!! Three or more tags? High-Profile Target! Don't forget to Consulting Visit to serve the runner the explosion that's best for them!

Now how do we tag? Still have the tried and true methods of SEA Source and Hard-Hitting News. But the question becomes, do we run both? Or just one? What's the ideal tag and bag package now?

I think the right combo is 2x Scorched and 1x BOOM! HPT only out-performs at 4 tags which is less likely to stick and BOOM! or double Scorch is still lethal then. The right tag combo might be 2x Sea and 2x HHN, but it's hard to say. What is the most consistent tag option? Is it worth slotting False Lead to prevent tag removal?

Salvaged Memories will be a new era of blowing stuff up. I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with.

<p>Great review! <a href="/en/card/22044">SIU</a> is even better with <a href="/en/card/29016">Scorched Earth</a>, since it does not even have any conditions. With this, <a href="/en/card/26013">Flip Switch</a> is making a big comeback as a protection card.</p> —
<p><a href="/en/card/26013">Flip Switch</a> <em>cannot</em> be used on the Corp's Turn</p> —

This is the card that got me to continue playing Netrunner.

When I first started I would be too scared to run, patiently trying to get all my breakers out and all set up so I didn't get hit by nasty ICE. The corp would win while I was puttering about.

After learning that lesson I would face-check ICE early and often. Pressure the corp! Make things happen! The corp would win after I slammed head first into a Komainu, Janus 1.0, or something else spicy.

It felt demoralizing back as a beginner. Too slow and the corp wins, too hasty and the corp wins. This card helped bridge that gap for me and get me into playing seriously. It was that little boost or crutch that eventually I didn't need anymore. Now, I see it as a combo piece, something that increases consistency, or something that 'draws' a card from your deck.

My current favourite use is out of Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker - Use her ability to summon SMC, then use that SMC to install whatever you need. Effectively bypassing the remove from game problem of her ID ability for the simple cost of 2. A lot of people consider Rezeki a pretty good card; would you pay 2 more to guarantee it's installed turn 1? That's what Wu can do with Self-modifying Code.