The most important thing about this card is the flavor. DO YOU SEE THE PICTURE AND THE FLAVOR TEXT?





It's also a good card. Preventing 3 tags or 3 damage for 3 credits is great, but you need a resource to host it on. (Thanks to the comment for clarifying that). It's a strong card to combat the current meta of things like Hard-Hitting News.

Not as written you don't —
As written you trash the counter (i.e., On the Lam itself) to use it, not the resource it is hosted on. —
Thanks. I was under the impression from a few people that you had to trash the resource it was hosted on. —
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22/38 barriers this is better in terms of just strength efficiency than BlacKat. It's usually more efficient than BlacKat at taking down 3 or less strength ice due to them having a low amount of subroutines (except for ice such as Hive). For 6-7 strength ice, even considering the +4 strength for a total of 7 strength will overlap by 1 on the 6 strength ice, it is still better.

Now for subroutine breaking. I think the consensus is that stealth credits are worth more than 1 normal credit. Around 2-3 credits is what people usually say, but there are times where stealth would have not been used for the turn anyway and they would have just been useless, so that's something to consider in their value. After looking and trying to calculate which is more efficient at subroutine breaking, I gave up almost immediately and just reached the conclusion that it depends and it's a much of a muchness. They are both good and both are competitive with each other, which is great. There are always going to be scenarios where one is more efficient than the other. Although, it is worth nothing that BlacKat is more efficient relatively speaking than Blackstone when breaking ice at 4-5 strength and also weaker ice where they have quite a few subroutines, like Hive as I said earlier. On the other hand, Blackstone is better at almost everything else. Blackstone also keeps it strength for the remainder of the run. And on top of that, Blackstone also only requires 1-2 stealth credits max where BlacKat usually requires a lot more. That is an extremely important thing to consider.

I think the people saying how inefficient and bad this card is are just looking at it from a Corroder and Cerberus "Lady" H1 point of view, and not from a stealth or BlacKat point of view. Blackstone is a great stealth barrier breaker in it's own right. I think this has no competition in any shaper stealth deck, as it is in faction and there's no need to pay a hefty 3 influence for BlacKat like before. That can free up room for many things such as Datasucker to make Blackstone be able to efficiently destroy any of the strongest ice barriers or even the weaker 4-5 strength barriers without having to spend money for strength, or you can add extra things like Silencer, Dyson Mem Chip or whatever your heart desires. That influence is really important and powerful for stealth especially.

Along with Dagger, Refractor and even Dai V, there's little reason for most Shapers to go out of faction for stealth icebreakers.

Tour Guide is a sentry. Hive is a better example. —
Thanks mate. I got lazy. —
Some limited testing led to me including Net-Ready Eyes for support. Helps dramatically against Eli and Data Ward. NRE was also good for Refractor (DNA/Arch/Crick) and Dagger (Archer/Sherlock 2/Gutenberg). —
Agree with NRE! Makes a huge difference for some of the most common mid-range barriers, as well as some common targets for other breakers being used in stealth Shaper rigs. If you run Houdini and Switchblade, you really only need the +1 on Blackstone, so you could consider The Personal Touch if you prefer to avoid damage or Best Defense. —