Due to the sheer amount of ice in the game, many corps are currently only running 2x copies of any given ice, there are however exceptions. Data Raven, Pop Up Window, Eli, Bronze, Silver, Curtain Wall, Fire Wall and Lotus field. These cards are key players in-faction (Frequently run outside, in fewer numbers) and are often run in Triples, they are also complete Btds to deal with.

Immolation Script is perfect for dealing with them, winning itself two places in all my Anarch deck.

Things it works well with

  • Hacktivist Meeting: That current event all Anarchs are running.

  • Wanton Destruction.

  • Cutlery

  • Parasite

  • Keyhole

  • Utopia

One thing I must point out from playing, is that this card tends to float around in your grip for quite a while, until the opportune moment. This is totally Un-Anarch and quite counterproductive to the play style.

Oh, and it can't kill Architect, another card that's very common in multiples


It also works well with Noise, (although not current builds), Imp, and is surprisingly good with Hemorrhage. Everyone chucks 'spare' ICE —

Dinosaurus (The Card that got me into the game)

+2 Strength one any Non-AI Icebreaker hosted on it and it discounts the memory cost, Is it Worth it?


  • Discounts the Memory regardless of the Memory cost of the icebreaker

  • Can host disposable breakers and give them +2 ST without risking trashing Dinosaurs (Unlike Personal Touch)

  • Its a Green Dinosaur come on.


  • Unique so Multiple copies cannot be used

  • Takes up the one console slot, arguably its always going to be better to run Vigil, Desperado or Astrolabe.

  • Must be installed before the Icebreaker hosted on it, lowering the usefulness of the card

  • Massive tempo loss early game due to cost, and it will be installed early game due to the nature of the card

  • Cannot Host AI breakers, which are some of the cards that could really use a St boost.


  • Personal Touch +1 St for two credits (Taking Yog past Lotus Field, and Makes femme as good as Mimic) Downside is it can't really be used on Disposable Breakers without losing it.

  • Spoilers Net Ready Eyes (Chrome City) At the start of your turn add +1 St to a breaker of your choice

  • Datasucker? Arguably Increasing and Lowering Strength is exactly the same, it only really matters one around three cards (Lotus Field, Wyrm, Parasite) using this in combination with less Efficient Breakers like Femme or Pipeline may be better then Dinosaurus for boosting efficiency and won't take up a console slot or cost 5 credits.

Arguably Dinosaurus is...pretty bad. But it still has its uses (At least until Anarchs get a Native ST boost on Yog, but even then Personal touch is a better choice than Dino) and it has certainly shown up in a few sage decks. if I ever rated cards out of 5 this would get a 2, which Incidentally is the Influence cost and the number of times I ran it before I gave up and put it away in the box.

Raaaaawr - Dinosaurus

Might be worth is in a Chameleon deck. —
Cards it works well with: —
Sage, Yog.0, The Supplier, Kate, cheap, weak breakers. It needs setup, but it has a home in the right deck. —
Endless Hunger is gonna get Dino back in the game. —
Quetzal and Chaos Theory are my favourite runners... yeah Dino is bad, but I can't picture CT without it. A: Cute, B: *really* cute, C: it's not that bad as to not have it's uses. It makes Femme 4 creds cheaper against non-tokened Sentries. I've been experimenting with a Dino'd Femme/sage + Game Day/Beach party/Adjusted Chronotype/Dyson deck ... yeah, it's like trying to build a deck around Dino. But honnestly, what's the point of winning a game between friends (don't play much tourney) if you can't win with style? Dino has a lovable style, and a deck should have an 'identity' as much as anything else. —
This is the deal if you are running Sage. It takes it from 2 strength to 6 if there are no other programs or memchips installed. Sage isn't used much though. —

My Favourite economy card in the game, while many people may favour the unflexible "Day Job" I prefer not to spend my entire turn for +8 Credits.

Here is Break down: 1. Queens Gambit has no Activation cost: (except their being a face down asset) 2. Queens Gambit gets you the same number of credits in a turn as Day job: Click, Click=6 ,Click +1, Click +1=+8 same as day job 3. Queens Gambit doesn't take you entire turn: Tempo Loss is a massive thing that kills Anarchs the number of times in tournaments I'v seen Anarchs end their turn on two credits is to high, when they do that I know that they are going to "Day job" next turn and that I have two turns to do whatever I like, like scoring any 5/3. 4. Queens Gambit can be used to check for Agendas: Ok this is a weird one but...if you advance a card three times and then the corp still doesn't score it, it is defiantly not an Agenda, sometimes you need to know these things before you waste your time running through a server to see it. 5. Your not going to advance and Agenda: Its actually pretty hard to mess up those advancement counter, due to the Sheer number of Jackson Howards, Boot camps, and Cyberdex suits, so its easy money.

The worst the Queen has ever done for me is playing two of them to place 6 advancements on a project Beale, which they then advanced three more times for five points. Yeah that was bad, but I still went to win the game, which is miraculous, but I had so much money he couldn't keep his economy up, let alone his San San city grid.

Very good card, but I think that's just me having weird preferences in this game.

Also a cool synergy with Bank Job, for even more moneys for not accessing. —

After running this ID from the Moment it was a text spoiler, I can Honestly say I have never played a... Stranger runner or had more fun building (and Theorizing) about an ID

For a while this one was quite the "Enigma" many peoples original thoughts one her were, not so great "Why is this card in the faction with the best barrier breaker", "only one Barrier SUB per turn you might as well be running Reina Roja, at least you get some link", "I think Wizard is no longer the worst runner in the game" I could go on in this Vein but you get the Picture....

It took a load of time and effort on many players parts (Lots of Red Herrings like Grappling hook and Paintbrush were fallen for, myself included) but we got their, we made and actual working model for her that Kicked ass, especially when Blue Sun was released (Anarchs lost a lot of toys to that) but alot of Barriers are in the Weyland faction so she was a good counter attack.

But she was still missing something, she was suffering from all the usual Anarch Issues; Inconsistency, no Native draw or search cards, Yog couldn't get past Lotus field, Scrubbed Turned D4v1d off ect ect.

And then Order and Chaos hit, and she just "Flew" Data Folding, Knifed, Steelskin, Wanton Destruction. they made her great (She even won some Store Championships).

But Enough Back story, onto a review. Her Ability has the similar effect as Kit, it basically makes the Opponents barriers useless early game, playing against her is a totally different game, She can walk through you Eli's for one Click and her Ability, she can even get by bigger ice like hive if you have an E3 down, making her very strong early game and a very aggressive runner. Because of this Corporate players will want to double stack barriers, making their ice Arrangements very predicable (Which is great in a hidden information game). Possibly my Favorite thing about her is the fact she can burn an early Oversighted Curtain wall for only two Credits if you have E3 down.

Overall I think Quetzal is the best Runner card released in the Lunar cycle, and a lot of fun to play, if any of you are having or ever have a runner Identity Crisis, look no further than this "Bird", she rocks harder than MaxX and can only get better as we get further into the game.

Identity crisis, haaah —
I suffer from that a lot, actually. —
Steelskin? Do you mean Plascrete Carapace? —
No. He meant "I've had worse" —

Another combo card for Anarchs, the faction with the least consistency of all the runners....great well lets see what can Trigger it Lamprey, Vamp, Account Siphon, and Corporate war (One of those is out of faction, the other is the corps choice to run or not) ok so in order for this card to work your going to need to be running one of those three. Hmmm....

Arguably there is a much better way to use the deck space this card takes up, if your running it to get money, you could be running Datafolding (For a credit a turn) or another Economy event. If your running this for a cheap virus for noise there are loads more options, Cache, Gravedigger, datasucker Literally anything but this.

seriously this blood sucker....Sucks.