Is this going to work with Weyland Consortium: Builder of Nations?

Since it will advance cards that aren't normally advancable, would it make Neural Katana do 3 net damage plus 1 meat damage (or two if you have scored a The Cleaners.

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think we are still waiting on an official ruling for the BoN + Satellite Grid interaction. My gut says that an ice with zero advancement counters + one additional counter is at an effective one counter, triggering BoN. That said, another way to add counters to ice that can't be advanced is PAD Factory, and that interaction certainly works. IMO BoN is better as a rush identity, and using clicks to advance ice works against this concept, but if that's the route you want to go I think PAD Factory is the best way to do it. When Mausolus comes out Dedication Ceremony also becomes an interesting choice. —

I've got a MaxX deck that needs something like this to go with its recursion but it depends:

Does Windfall pay out on events or does the card trashed have to be installable (Resource/Hardware/Programme)?

Has to be installable. Events have play costs, not install costs. —
Events don't have an install cost so even if Windfall "works" on events the returns would be 0 credits. —
Basically, the only decks that would even consider this card are MaxX and Exile event-lite decks, and even then, it'd be a stretch. I think this card will see it's day, but not until runners get the same kind of stack manipulation that CI can pull off with Power Shutdown. Even then, CI gets a win without a clot or other agenda point manipulation, Windfall gets, at most... 18 credits and a monolith in the heap. —
I think that there won't be any ''real op tremendous imapct on this game'' if Windfall doesn't have first sentence about shuffle. Rolodex, monolith, all that stuff is very bulky and unstable to rely on. But in the end we do have what we have. One day, maybe... —
Netrunner players don't like RNG in their hands, not criticizing simply stating the consensus of the community to have guaranteed advantage over chance odds. odds of making money off of this through your deck construction and cost balance a la planned assault and others, go for this card because it's able to give you a lot of credit if you need them and build a deck that might try to win by the runners own luck instead of corp psi games —

I wish this card didn't exist :-)

Then I could stop trying to make overcomplicated and hideously cumbersome machines with too many expensive moving parts abusing the anarch Caissa and Virus only memory units... and do something that might actually work instead.

But I can't stop trying to think of ways to make this work out. And failing.

I think that the best way to try to build this is not trying to abuse it and instead try to find where it will fit as a tool supportive with your other goals. —

"more than 0 cards" is odd wording - different to "cannot access cards" - I'm guessing that this is to imply that you can still do the "instead of" action on a run event, making this an excellent companion to Account Siphons and the like?

How would this shape up if we had multiple upgrades and the Runner could not afford all of them? Can the runner access the first ones he chooses and not the rest, or does the runner have to go home empty handed?

@nydnarb You're point is valid, however your example/explanation fails to mention that the runner wouldn't even see the Snare if they declined to access, it would stay face-down so the hidden information and trap is still there (unless the Corp player blew it somehow) —
@narcow: You should also mention that the runner can decline to pay additional costs (even if he or she is able to do so) and not access. Look to page 4 of the FAQ under additional costs. Therefore, in your example, the runner starts choosing cards, one at a time. Before accessing each chosen card, the runner either pays 1 credit or doesn't access (runner's choice). It could be the case that the runner refuses to pay the additional costs and accesses nothing. As an example, suppose a facedown Snare! is protecting a rezzed SanSan City Grid, and suppose the runner has 10 credits. There is no ice in front of the server. The runner may run the remote, pay 1 to access the SanSan and trash it, and even though the runner has 4 credits remaining, he can decline to pay the additional cost to access the Snare!. Thusly, he wouldn't access the Snare! Note that the previous example is silly. No one playing Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon would make that play exactly because of this funky interaction. But perhaps someone could devise a better example. This example also illustrates the comment of @linuxmaier. —
@paulxthompson: The runner accesses the first however many he/she can afford. When a remote server is breached, the runner accesses all cards in that server in whatever order he or she wants. So, say you have a remote with cards A, B, C, D, and E in it. The runner has three credits. She chooses to access C, has to pay a credit. Next, she picks D and pays a credit to access that. Then A, pays a credit. Now the runner has no credits left in her pool. B and E have not been accessed. The runner picks a next card to access, B, but she cannot afford the extra cost, so the card is not accessed. The runner then selects the final card for accessing, but cannot afford to access it, so it is not accessed. The run ends. —