You could be mistaken for thinking this thing is poor at first glace it doesn't look that good the draws nice but you know the corps just gonna stop playing a max hand size.

This is however where it shines its a powerful console that puts pressure on the corp by just been their either they go down 1 hand size, which in turn makes sniping cards from HQ a lot easier especially if you Legwork . Or they let you have a free draw every turn which of course is amazing. Neither of these options are really that appealing especially if your play a corp that needs to hold on to some cards like Grail ICE or Scorched Earth or your playing Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center in which getting rid of cards from hand is actually quite difficult.


Cheap to Install

Puts some pressure on the Corp

Decent Influence cost so can be splashed relatively easily.


Only provides

The Corp chooses it's fate each turn (Less cards in hand or Draw for you)

A great little ICE from the core set what more can i say.

Well its cheap to res with low Str and thats part of its power it makes the runner go get their breaker for a low price. It can also b advanced allowing use of other cards like Trick of Light & Commercialization with the bonus that the Ice will be harder to get through at the same time.


Cheap to res.

Low Influence to take out of faction.

Can be Advanced


Weak without Advancements

Takes time & 's to get strong.

Using builder and Hollywood Renovation, my personal record is a 14 strength ice wall. —

Can be a surprisingly good card though doesn't see much play, probably because on paper it doesn't look that good. But in my experience with it it actually can save a lot of money, I've actually gotten a Femme Fatale down with this thing paying only 1 that's how much they can save.

I feel this fits best into Nasir Meidan: Cyber Explorer decks or any Ice Destruction deck as the corp will be resin alot of ICE this way.


Free to Install.

Can give alot of 's.

's are not in your Credit pool so can't be lost. (unless trashed)

Effects are cumulative. (more Ice Analyzer's = more 's per ICE.)

Works on any res of ICE ( Forged Activation Orders / Howler / Oversight AI etc. )

Only 1 Influence to take out of Faction.


It's a resource so can be trashed when tagged.

The longer it takes to get one into play the less useful they become.

Poor against Low Ice decks.

's can only be used on programs (so if you run out of things to install it becomes useless).

Great little card though at time of writing only really fits in 2 arguably 3 runners deck.

First and most popularly Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire. Install, Mill Take all the counters off maybe pawn it later.

Secondly Nasir Meidan: Cyber Explorer unlike Noise Nasir will leave the counters on a Cache allowing him to gain the money as he needs it during a run great for after an Ice res like Pop-up Window.

Arguably Exile: Streethawk I've seen it in some exile decks as a draw and burst econ for a Clone Chip i personally don't think it's a good use but it see's play.

*I also feel this card could see more play when Salvager comes out.


Can net Huge amount of money when set up

Is a Virus (works with Grimoire, Cyberfeeder and the like)

Credits are not in your credit pool until you take the counters off.

Is a low cost program (can be used as protection against Power Shutdown


Takes up MU

Takes some set up/time for huge econ boost (Aesop's Pawnshop, Cyberfeeder's and the like)

Is a Virus (can be purged)