I am not normally one to write a review for a card that i haven't played but i feel that theirs so much potential in this card that just mentioning what it can do is worth reviewing. I feel this card will find a spot somewhere the sheer amount it can do whether it be in or out of faction.

So what dose it work with well just about anything with a power counter D4v1d, Overmind and the Dogs are to name but a few, Femme Fatale also works with the same approach. if your going with bouncing programs around then Autoscripter maybe worth looking at or LLDS Processor

But maybe your not gonna return them maybe your gonna let em drop off and use Retrieval Run or Scavenge the program into play. I am not 100% sure but i think Sacrificial Construct would actually work to keep the program for the next turn essentially saving you 2 clicks tho pulling an All-nighter would save you the same amount of clicks.

These are just what i came up with but considering their will be new cards and that theirs so many different combos for all factions it seems like a card that will be good somewhere and deserves some trying out.

Sacrificial Construct would keep the program till the next turn but since it's still hosted on London Library, it will indeed trash after that. —
@RubbishyUsername I think the idea is then to use a click in the next turn to pull it back (say you need D4v1d counters to get into a server but can't afford the time to keep bouncing it) —
That is indeed the idea Zithith, I have had time to play around with this since and it is indeed powerful though rather click consuming i am currently thinking autoscripter / retrival run is the better way to go. —

After playing around with this card abit it's best described as Underworld Contact +1 & i am not just referring to its cost. At first glance it looks abit worse with the higher cost both cards require stuff to work 2 in one case 2 in the other.

However this is untrue as the difference is no runner has 2 to start with (at time of writing) so you need at least one other card for Underworld Contact to work but all runners starts with at least 4 spare so this card doesn't actually need any other cards to function. This alone makes Data Folding better than Underworld Contact especially if you factor in deck slots and cost for the other card also. You can even use this happily with a regular rig 3 programs and a console or Chaos Theory: W√ľnderkind. is actually easy to keep free with only minor +.

All in all it works fine if your rig leaves you with 2 MU free or you have the kind of deck that can have a huge rig but generally doesn't install it all or use that extra MU for more than a turn. (generally Anarch with Parasites and the like)


Drip econ that never run's out.

Works from Turn 1 with no Setup.

An easy fit if theirs nothing you want to use that extra MU on.


Can be a little slow.

Can be shut down or restrict what programs you can play.

I agree, Pink. I love #Data Folding in my Iain deck, as by nature, his rigs come out gradually and he isn't over-anxious to make runs. —
100% agree. I use it in my own CT Sage deck so I always have spare MU. This cards helps me get the best out of all the MU I have. Throw it down turn one and it easily earns itself back. Combine it with Daily Casts and you have a great independent drip econ. —
This card is the MVP of my CT Sage deck as well. 3x Data Folding and 3x Lockpicks and 1x e3 Feedback Implants means you can break everything they have every turn for free. —

So MemStrips it's a good card if not a little odd. After all if your running a virus deck you've got Grimoire which is generally enough MU.

The only way it makes sense is when you not running a virus deck but have some in so a normal Anarch deck really that want to run another console. It seems designed for use with Vigil / Spinal Modem really. It also isn't unique and works with Overmind so it may see use their like Deep Red dose.

I like the card and it will see some play with low +MU consoles or with Overmind / Sage other than that it's not really gonna see much use.


Fairly Cheap +3MU

Work's with Overmind & Sage (Plus anything else that likes MU that comes out)

Not Unique unlike consoles so u can have multiple of them down.

Rather lower Influence (Though i find it unlikely it'll get splashed much)


MU only usable with Viruses

Grimoire is usually enough MU for a virus deck.

So I've played quite abit of this ID and i think i get it so lets get it out of the way is this better than PE. The answer is no, because it's not PE... nor is it trying to be... it's different. The first instinct is to go for alot of 1 point agendas PE style but really that doesn't work well it triggers the ability alot but all they will do is remove the tag or take meat damage when they feel they don't need the cards and with so many agendas getting ICE is gonna be hard. plus Weyland doesn't have traps in faction unlike Jinteki.

So then i tried going the other way all 3 points and you no what it did very well winning most games and usually very quickly with a kill and the odd very long game through points. The trail of thought was that no matter which option they choose it made it easier for me to kill them either with Punitive or Scorched and your more likely to have thoughts cards because it'll take some time for them to hit the agenda in the first place. The problem occurs tho when you can't get the kill in that situation you end up sat their for ages with no real way out hoping they just make a mistake to end it.

But after playing with it both ways i came to the conclusion that the id is actually supposed to just be played like a normal Weyland ID the usual agenda's with a kill condition built in as a back up plan and the ID will make that plan easier to execute. So way not just play any other Weyland ID well because this ID helps you when you need it the most. It helps when your losing agendas and can't score it helps get you back into the game when all seems lost. On the flip side it dose nothing when your winning, but who cares that's when you need help the least right? If anything i feel this ID is best suited to a Supermodernisum style rather than the PE style of deck.

This is the first review of this ID i have actually taken notice of, because you seem to have gone out there and actually tested it out rather than make guess work on it based on the most similar jinteki ID. Well done, you made some very good points and have given me something to think about regarding argus decks. —
Having tested this ID too, I agree with Pinkwarrior. This ID lets you protect your agenda just with your intimidating eyes. —
Jesus H that review is hard to read. So many grammar issues I barely made it through. But it was helpful to hear your results. —
Out of curiosity, did you try The Board with the 1-pointer stacking? This seems like the perfect ID for that strategy... —

So I've actually tried this agenda out and you no what it wins games (not necessarily the corp tho).

The obvious way is Punitive Counterstrike they steal it you punitive you win easy amusing they haven't gotten another point somewhere.

You could also Psychographics it out always nice. But it really shines just because it exists you put a trap out and they don't go for it well keep putting em on till its at 6 suddenly they can't ignore it, what do they do run it a possibly die or ignore it and possibly give you 6 points.

Having one of these in your deck is fun too, the feeling of knowing that its their the feeling of just leaving it out their and advancing it away knowing you have at least 1 Punitive Counterstrike in hand that's a good feeling. (I suggest trying it in a deck at a meetup or with someone else you play regular)


Cuts down on agendas

Can be an unexpected game winner

Makes traps dangerous (Just by existing)



Can be an unexpected game winner (For Them)

Almost impossible to score even with combo's