One of the more powerful Anarch tool's since it came out but has only gotten stronger as cards like Eater & Hades Shard have come into existence. It's power doesn't just come from trashing cards and avoiding actual access but also the amount of information you acquire about your opponents deck its likely if you get only 2 runs in you'll see a massive 4-5 different cards which can be enough to know what kinda deck their playing.

Keyhole also oddly works well with Medium as you still build up counters on medium with a Keyhole run & you can use Keyhole just to shuffle the deck allowing more new cards to be seen.


Avoids when accessed cards like Snare! or Fetal AI

Can Trash cards that can't normally be Trashed

Get valuable information about your opponents deck

Works with Eater


2 can be difficult to spare

3 Influence makes it a little heavy to take out of faction though not impossible

Requires a way into Archive to actually win with the card.

Worth noting, you'll always see 3 new cards when you use Keyhole, because the mechanic requires you to shuffle the deck. —
Part of its power is that there are very few counters to it. Crisium Grid and Hostile Infrastructure are the only ones that leap to mind —
KitsuAeryn not quite true since decks run multiple copies of the same card and theirs always the chance you shuffle one of them back to the top though highly unlikly. That's why i say 4-5 differnt cards i assume that's the comment you are looking at if not then this will sound very pedantic. Also Jashay i totaly agree —
Caprice is another important counter. Caprice counters pretty much everything that involves a run. —
If you have a way into archives this is as good as having 2 RnD interfaces out plus a tonne of flexibility. —

As far a Killers go this has to be one of the best in the game, sadly however theirs no really amazing killer as they all come with a down side from Garrotes price tag to Ninjas poor Str and dagger is no exception. It requires stealth credits to gain that huge Str increase and has no Str to start so will need it just about all the time, This means adding Silencer, Cloak or Ghost Runner to the deck.

Still its one of the most efficient Killers requiring only a few creds and a stealth to break only Switchblade or Femme Fatale are more efficient and they both have their down sides in comparison to Dagger.

It's worth noting that it can be helped out other ways too, you can use Datasucker's, Dinosaurus, The Personal Touch or the new Net-Ready Eyes to help reduce the stealth requirement of Dagger. It's also worth noting that because of this Killer and alot of things are in Shaper to help it, it makes it so Shapers can have a full efficient rig without spending any influence. Using this one of their many decoders and Snowball / Cerberus "Lady" H1 makes for an effective rig. All in all a great Killer that takes some setup to get working but very good once it is.

Dagger's great, but at 2 influence, Switchblade might always be the Stealth-oriented Killer of choice in a Shaper's rig. With Test Run and Self-Modifying Code, running a 1-of isn't unreasonable. It costs the same to install and with the requirement of just 1 extra stealth (Which IS its weakness), a single sentry in any server is obsolete. It comes down to whether a runner is willing / able to get that extra Cloak out I suppose. —
I personally would look at running both, if their sentry heavy you gonna have problems with switchblade and dagger would be the one to get fetch otherwise switchblade would be the better, as you say it's down side is that it takes 2 stealth for 1 sentry. —
Can the credit for breaking subroutines still come from a Stealth card? —
Yes —

After playing the agenda a fair bit i don't know what Weyland ever did without it, Oh yeah run worse 4/2's that's what. It's great click wise it's incredibly efficient install double advance nets you 2 credits, This is like 7 clicks since to end up in the same place you'd have to take 4 credits, install, double advance.

On the down side the runner is 100% sure its an agenda, but your Weyland if you install advance anything they can be a good 90% sure it's an agenda this agenda just doesn't bother hiding the info they can be almost sure of anyway. It can also work into your favor after all you put a sure thing agenda in front of a runner their gonna go for it right maybe even leave them self bankrupt doing it maybe giving you a window for a bigger better to score agenda and make some money along the way.

This console is quite good in the right deck with the +3MU its a good cheap way to increase your MU and it's good with Caissa programs the only issue is if your not using both parts your wasting it and theirs better consoles you could be using.

It can work with and Exile: Streethawk street chess build but unless your utilizing that extra MU then you'd be better of going for Desperado & John Masanori it be quicker to set up and the same influence cost.


Cheap Extra MU

A Unique ability

Low Influence


Theirs better hardware if it's just some extra MU your after

Not much love going around for this card and tbh i don't fully see why sure its not a brilliant Codegate breaker but it's not bad either. With 2 influence you won't be running this out of faction because theirs better but actually compare this to Gordian Blade and look at all the Codegate's it actually performs ok on most ICE and on occasion better.

Compared to all your other in faction breakers its got some good points though its not as good at breaking, it can be used anywhere unlike Passport and compared to Cerberus "Rex" H2 well it don't run out of counters and sometimes cost the same amount.

All in all id say don't just write this off it's generally good enough and with ICE like Wormhole & Gutenberg around it's not that bad.


Cheap to put down

Cheap to increase ST (ST 5 usually been enough)

Performs better if your using e3 Feedback Implants (though i wouldn't include them just for one breaker)


Expensive to break multiple sub's (fortunately not many Codegates have multi-subs)

Poor for out of faction (with 2 influence & generally better for that cost)

You may have meant to say Turing instead of Gutenberg, as Gutenberg is a Sentry and Turing is a Code Gate. I was including a Gordian Blade in most of my crim decks to deal with Turing, until JUST NOW I realized I can use Peacock for Turing on remotes and Passport for Centrals. Influence saver! —