Drago's Rig Knockout

Limes 631

Drago must break rigs

Here's the thinking behind this deck:

  • Retribution is good against boats, and Drago is a good enabler.
  • People seem fairly laser-focused on teching against BOOM! combos at the moment when it comes to tag protection and whatnot. Tech cards like Citadel Sanctuary don't help against rigshooter decks.
  • Since we're rigshooting, let's stick the Ping/Keegan Lane combo in there too. If we can stick the runner with a potentially-catastrophic tag several times per game, a single copy of a tech card like No One Home doesn't do much either.
  • Sure, I guess Stavka is pretty cheap to import too.

However, it probably still needs a bit of tinkering, since:

  • The matchup against most anarchs is pretty bad.
  • Some Crisiums would be nice to find the space for in this meta.
  • Vasilisa might be better replaced by something with a hard ETR subroutine.
  • The deck runs a little bit poor.
15 Aug 2022 rotage

@Limes Nice list, I have been pondering the same regarding tag punishment. I think you need more ETRs in here

In my experience ice in rigshooter has to either a) be a hard ETR b) help on rigshooting so I'd definitely drop Vasilisa

15 Aug 2022 Johnny Polite

I've been playing something similar in Reality Plus - I think 3 Keegan is worth it, and Snare! gives tags and can knock cards out of the runner's hands. But as you say, it's tough to beat Anarch when you need to ark lockdown multiple copies of cards with built in recursion.

15 Aug 2022 Swiftie

@rotagedo you just look for rigshooter lists so you can ruin peoples fun by trashing their stuff?

15 Aug 2022 rotage

@Swiftie Yes

15 Aug 2022 Limes

@rotage thinking about this a bit more, swapping one Stavka and the Vasilia for two Rototurrets seems like a non-terrible idea. Three Stavkas feels like too many.

15 Aug 2022 callforjudgement

Maybe Ballista is worth considering? It can be a hard ETR if needed, or a program-trasher if you need that instead (e.g. trash someone's killer as they're going into Ballista, then use it to trash an additional program).

It's very comparable to Rototurret in rigshooter, but having positive strength is valuable because it reduces the number of options the Runner has to get through it (in particular, an empty Aumakua can get past Rototurret but not Ballista, and this frequently seemed to be relevant when I played rigshooter because one of the purposes of AIs is to fill in holes that have been shot in your rig, and Aumakua is the most frequently played AI).

16 Aug 2022 Ozvaldo

Isn’t funhouse better than ping for keegan

16 Aug 2022 Limes

@Ozvaldo Ping has a couple of advantages - it's cheaper, and it has an "end the run" sub on it, which is very relevant after you've lost your fracter. In an emergency the runner can simply accept the tags and walk through Funhouse.

17 Aug 2022 Zerothmaxima

Actual transcript of me playing against this yesterday:

0thmxma ohh no

0thmxma ohhh noo

0thmxma LMAO

0thmxma well

18 Aug 2022 Diogene

NICE!!! I was trying a rig shooter in Weyland, but this look better. Have you tried Self-Growth Program and/or The All-Seeing I with this list? Thanks for sharing!