Pay your Blacksmith

Mad Tinkerer 194

I played around with Anvil a bit and came to the conclusion that it is pretty busted, especially in the "I break everything for 1 meta".

The first ID you would think of using is off course Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel. but I just don't jam with that ID. Also looking at the nbn agendas both Bellona and Degree Mill seem perfect fits for such a taxing ice.

So the deck is full on suport of Anvil, with Jinja City Grid and all the draw in this deck we get plenty of installs so we can always trash stuff if needed.

On top of that we can put up a lot of pressure with tags and having lots of ice is generally good. (Also keep in mind that trashing resources when the runner is tagged means less cards to trash for Anvil)

With Anvil Rime F2P and Tollbooth you are quickly in a position where you have all the money you need because every run will give you some back.

Keep in mind that Ping is your only barrier so even if it seems like a good target to trash with Anvil it is usually better to keep it so the runner needs a fracterer.

As usually a few "tricks" you can do with this deck.

Of course protecting your centrals is important but I usually place my first Anvil on my scoring server, because if you have one at position 0 and the runner made all the effort through all other ice just for you to trash the Agenda in that server with the effect of Anvil alone is pretty rude (because not only did you just tax 1 and a card but also 1 for the run on archive.

At first I wasn't sure about the last few spots and Biased Reporting seemed like an anti synergie, because you want to trash the runners cards whenever you can. But especially in the early game when you haven't rezed an Anvil yet the runner might be tempted to trash 1 or 2 cards to deny you some credits (which you will easily compensate for with your ID Ability)

11 Mar 2024 Dracon_ian

Fun deck!