Smashy boi - 1st Aldershot regionals

Okkdoko 1119

This is the freedom list I came 1st with at Aldershot UK regionals (48 players), going 2-2 in swiss (W vs Gagarin and Mti L vs Mti and Sportsmetal) and redeeming itself in the cut going 3-0 with wins vs Outfit x2 and Mti.

Largely based on the Fresno regionals list, adding CV0 cause that's a stupid strong combo made totally bonkers by adding consume; you get 1 counter per card trashed with CV, and wipe HQ --> click for 10cr is just filthy. Only other real change is the 1 paperclip, which is to avoid lockout in case games go long; I used it quite a lot during the day.

Unsure if this is better than Val/Maxx (probably not), but Freedom is very good vs asset spam and CI combo. Vs weyland you can trash econ warfare/HHN/HPT/TBTF which makes the matchup a lot easier.

Big thanks to all my opponents for some of the best games I had in a long time, and @rotage/@swiftie for running a smooth tournament.

12 Aug 2018 Elodius

whoop whoop ! Gratz, Hugo !