[SOCR5] TagInfusion - won a non-negative number of games!

neuropantser 525

The Concept

I was really tired of playing mopus shapers so I decided to play Anarch this tournament. It, uh. Anarchs have some interesting restrictions on their card pool, don't they? Notably: their available multiaccess is either click-intensive, easily countered by tech, limited by CR restrictions or deckbuilding constraints, extremely limited and difficult to pull off, not actually multiaccess, vulnerable to purge, not out yet and also really bad, probably not worth the influence, definitely not worth the influence, or something I forgot about entirely while deckbuilding. Unforgivable faults, all of these.

All of the multiaccess, that is, except Counter Surveillance.

God of War is naturally CS's best friend, as it passively gives you tags and also is an icebreaker I guess. It's a very bad icebreaker, though, so you need basically limitless and non-resource-based economy to support it (yeah, joke's on me, I still ended up on mopus), ways to avoid boosting its strength, as well as ways to find all these pieces quickly.

Yusuf is something I mainly tried out because I was highly underwhelmed with the other available fracters, and this card is pretty darn good. There's almost certainly a good deck that uses Yusuf as its main fracter. GoW counters were pretty nice for Yusuf, but you can probably get a similar effect while still being able to play resources, and that may be better.

Femme Fatale is great if you're already on Test Run.

Friday Chip never actually saw the light of day at the same time as Imp (thanks cache refresh!), but it was nice as extra Yusuf counters (especially with Eddy's free trashes).

Cutlery: don't leave home without it if you're on O&C. I skewed heavily in the Knifed direction because of certain Jinteki net damage barriers, but also because barriers have the easiest time stonewalling this deck after a purge.

Memestrips: Yusuf costs 2 and is a Virus. Mopus costs 2 and you need it every game. GoW costs 1 and is a virus that you need for your gameplan to work. A lot of the time you want Datasucker and another actual breaker or two. Memes are real.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Doesn't the real version of this deck rely extremely heavily on Obelus, to the point that this deck is basically unplayable?

A: Yes.

Q: Doesn't this deck have a natural Achilles' heel in the form of AgInfusion's ID ability, which also makes this deck basically unplayable because that's one of the best corp decks in the format?

A: I actually didn't play Ag at all this tournament! But yes.

Q: Don't you even have a rough time against "good" matchups like HB because your combo turn takes 3-4, meaning it becomes difficult if not impossible to steal Ikawah Project in singles but especially multiples?

A: This is also true.

Q: Hold on, what's with the title? "A non-negative number of games?"

A: (lips on the mic) No further questions.

Ball Don't Lie

This deck won 0 games. It's not very good. It really, really misses Obelus, because it has no draw to support the deep digs which actually take many turns to set up because Dean Lister isn't very efficient at +3-4 strength and God of War is genuinely just trash as a breaker.

It's fun though! Opponents were consistently terrified of my 10-card digs which scored 2 points. And in the end, isn't that truly the greatest prize in gaming (tm)?

16 Apr 2018 boloneyshinobi

This is a dope writeup

23 Apr 2018 JDC_Wolfpack

I was really tired of playing mopus shapers

Plays Mopus Anarch :dealwithit_parrot: