full eco mti (1st at Polish Nationals)

SeIverin 3131

This is the deck that won me the 4th National Championship title.

I was testing mti since it got released but i was finding out that it isn't winning often enough. Mostly because not having enough credits to rez everything. So just one day before nationals I just put into deck every eco card that i could fit in.

So agenda suite now of course includes corporate sales team and SSLs bcs of eco power, Nisei bcs it's best agenda and TFP bcs there is nothing better.

Launch campaign is weaker IPO but at least cheap to rez.

NGO and Rashida are auto include.

Bio vault is literally another nisei

Batty is almost always defending agenda or bio vault on remote

Medical Research Fundraiser is another good money source, the 3 credits for runner are less important than my credits

Scarcity is best current for corp and it's very important to have one to discard ES

Seidr is the best midcost barrier for glaciers

Fairchild and DNA is expensive to break for almost everyone, even with amina or refractor you can't break it every turn

Anansi is great R&D blocker

Cortex lock only useful in early but still cheap and can be installed to boost seidrs and surveyors

Surveyor is just MWL worth, snowballing like hell and creating unpenetrable remote

Sand storm is just like having mini AgInfusion in hand