Static Hum (Rainy Day Games Store Champs - 2nd After Swiss)

loomer 42

I played my first and second ever store champs back to back this weekend. Was a lot of fun, met some great players, and was super happy with finishing top 2 after swiss, and 3rd in final-cut.

Overall, I was very happy with the results of this deck as this was the first deck that I have ever built completely from scratch without copying from another deck on here and modifying with that I own. It's a fun deck for me to play as it is slow, steady, with a lot of cards that work well together to tax the runner, fast advance out an agenda, and keep your econ ahead of the runner.

Also Sea Source + 2xExchange of Information swapping two standoffs for two global foods is by far my favorite netrunner thing to do.

Also, the real star of this deck is dedication ceremony + reconstruction contract. Runner typically won't trash and then you can dedication ceremony twice onto an installed reconstruction to score out global food, project atlas (with 2 tokens) or hollywood renovation in one turn.

several matches I was able to land mass commercialization with 4+ advanced ice, then immediately bryan stinson it again left me plenty ahead on econ for sea source + exchange of information. I won at least 3 games off exchange of information-ing a standoff for a global food.

Also, archer was a solid defense, and several matches was able to fire all subs and trash programs (such a good feeling). Then pull out the win as the runner couldn't paperclip through my advanced firewalls. Saw a lot of matches against Kabonesa Wu which this deck solidly beat every time.

Overall, lot of fun, and looking forward to moving on to putting together my next deck from scratch.

27 Feb 2018 Ozasuke

To be fair, my Kabonesa Wu list is rather kitchen sink. Got me with Exchange of Information for the win. That was awesome! Thanks for sharing this!

27 Feb 2018 Benjen

Congrats on the 3rd place finish! You had a really strong tourney week. Nice work on the deck.

27 Feb 2018 Cluster Fox

Cool deck and congrats! Just wanted to point out one thing, if you move advancement counters from Reconstruction to Hollywood, you are not actually advancing Hollywood Renovation and thus do not receive the free advancement counters (there's a weird nuance in the rules between 'advancing' and 'placing advancement counters on').

27 Feb 2018 loomer

@Cluster FoxRight, makes sense & updated. I think there was a bug on JNET that was allowing me to do that then :) I'll have to retest and report if it is.

28 Feb 2018 mathandlove

Why 3 x Standoff? Love your deck!

1 Mar 2018 loomer

@mathandlove Standoff is so versatile in this deck. It can feed Exchange of Information (Changing 0 for 3 points is amazing). If the runner is poor and I'm ahead on econ & have eoi and a sea or 2 in hand, I can just let the runner run through some taxing ice, steal a global food, then immediately source/exchange it back rather than trying to advance it out myself. Also, standoff works as a psuedo trap with argus to lower runner econ. Just throw it in a taxing remote and let them steal it. If you have a reconstruction contract out too and they take meat damage you can get a counter off that to score out a project atlas in one turn (or with a counter with a dedication ceremony). Also, often times runner will steal one and put standoff on film credit wasting them clicks and making them sad. I generally want to try to score out 2 standoffs though to rez archers or do eoi. And of course, the draw for standoff score trigger is helpful when you can land it. So yeah, very versatile card.