V for Vegan (2nd and 4th in Baltics+Finland Nationals)

AxWill 386

Authentic video material of me trying to pilot a deck with a solid game plan.

Trust the deck

This is the Blue Sun list two of us from Finland took to the Baltics+Finland -Nationals with top cut placements (2nd and 4th).

It is based on ClosDeLaRoches Blue Sun list from US nationals. As suggested as a possibility, we decided to cut Punitives for Scarcity.

The reasoning behind the change was our meta-guess: Punitive is a dead draw against Liza and many runners would likely have many resources to once more make Scarcity a poison it has always been. Even though a kill threat makes runners play more carefully, Scarcity might stop that kill-steal from happening in the first place by slowing down the runner.

If you have no kill plan, Consulting Visit has less use and was switched into Cyberdex Virus Suite, which main purpose was to make life little more difficult for Khumalo, if you can create uncomfortable faceplant with Chiyashi or Orion. It also has an added benefit of helping score a win with Hostile Takeover against Clot.

The deck felt solid and even with only scoring plan, totally viable to play. Lost one game to flood and two to piloting mistakes. First was not playing Border Control on RnD against Liza and losing to Counter Surveillance, second was in the grand finals when I missed the Paperclip in heap and totally botched my scoring attempt. Artturi played really well so that game I might have lost anyways, but it was certainly a turning point after which I did not have viable outs anymore.

So the deck/variance dropped only 1 game whole day and otherwise had wins or a good fighting chance, if not for the pilot, so I consider it a solid list. Shoutout to ClosDeLaRoche for the original.

10 Nov 2019 ClosDeLaRoche

Nice to see the deck making a splash outside of the Bay Area meta :)


11 Nov 2019 paulyg

Congrats on the great finish!

12 Nov 2019 AxWill

@ClosDeLaRoche Thank you for the list! Fairchild 3.0 and Gatekeeper were my favorite includes and paid good investment returns on the day.

@paulyg Thanks for the congrats. Hope you had great time at UK nationals!