Dr. Lovegood is Andy's favorite connection

vor_lord 194

A slightly new take on the criminal connections deck. Here are the original thoughts behind it:

  • Connections decks are slow, which is why they usually are run out of Iain. Iain only has 10 influence :(
  • The Source can help slow down a corp while you're getting set up, but it has to be protected
  • Rebirth is now a thing
  • Andy helps with influence and setting up more quickly with her opening hand
  • Dr. Lovegood can keep alive The Source when you steal agendas.
  • I don't want the Dr. to be a dead draw, so what else can I do with it?
  • Dr. Lovegood can remove the downside of Drug Dealer
  • Dr. Lovegood lets you use The Black File more easily. Once the corp scores seven points, you get two extra turns to try and win. Sometimes that is going to make a difference, right? The Turning Wheel lets you build up for some major turns.

After having a few games under my belt, here are my conclusions:

  • The Source is still pretty weak. Dr. Lovegood will keep it alive when you score, but you need help early when you aren't scoring. The Corp just has to score to trash it and you're done. If you lose it on the first Astro score, you're in trouble.
  • Rebirthing into Iain was the intent. As it is, I ended up as Leela more often than not (reflection + hopper for the needed 2). It's because I ended up ahead in a lot of games.
  • Gang Sign + HQ Interface does more to slow the corp than The Source.
  • The Black File hasn't pulled its weight yet. I used it once to allow a big R&D dig using the wheel, but won the game on the third card.
  • Dr. Lovegood + Drug Dealer feels great. But it's a two card combo.
  • Criminal without Account Siphon feels wrong.
1 Jul 2016 apri

Drop those reflections and one other card for logos. In connection decks it is critical.

2 Jul 2016 manveruppd

How would Lovegood and Black File interact? Surely as soon as Black File is blanked, corp wins if they're on 7 points? It would be cool if you could just blank the "gains a counter" part, but it's all or nothing I think.

2 Jul 2016 wedgeex

I think the intent of the Lovegood/Black File interaction is to play it as the corp is pushing to 7 points but you can keep it out indefinitely until they get there. It'll have blank text on the runner turn so you don't accumulate counters but the text will be active on the Corp turn. Once they get to 7 points then the countdown begins (with zero counters though instead of 1). It definitely makes The Black File a better card in this case.

2 Jul 2016 vor_lord

@manveruppd yes @wedgeex has the right idea with the Black File. It gives you two more turns to win after they score. It also really messes with their heads.

I do think it is funny that this says it was derived from Calimsha's Sayonara sucker. I must have started there, but it isn't an au revoir deck at all (I couldn't fit in all the lovegood interactions I wanted with the au revoir shell).

@apri Logos is good. What would you typically fetch? The game-winning card in this deck is The Turning Wheel. Stupidly good card which will exploit any corp who leaves an end the run piece of ice on the outside of R&D or HQ. So that'd be what I would grab with Logos.

I had Reflection mostly as another way to quickly and cheaply get to 2. 2 is important in this deck because it not only enables Underworld Contact, but allows you to drop a surprise Sneakdoor Beta which can be devastating once The Turning Wheel is charged. "Charge The Turning Wheel 3 times, charge Kati" is a very threatening turn.