Sage picks your locks

stonec 68

Rush deck!

Rush into Dinosaurus and run! Early ice tends to be pretty small, so keep the pressure on as soon as you can get dino on the table and a few spare credits. The extra str needed to break codegates and barriers isn't too much of a problem, you can add to your rig if you end up in trouble. There's enough str potential in this deck to break every non-advanced ice/buffed ice. There's very few ice that are str>5, so from the first install Sage will really perform.

Getting the Rig Out!

Shaper decks really lean on getting the rig out quick. Sure Gamble and Diesel is your Jack 'n' Joe.
3x Modded for Dinosaurus turn 1 if needed, or can target Dyson Mem Chip, e3 Feedback Implants, R&D Interface, Sage or Creeper. Having one or more of these in grip means you can risk drawing over with 5 cards in grip. Helps with early draw aggression.

Self-modifying Code 2x, since you're only looking for 2 programs.

Basically, try to get dino on the table turn 1 or 2 if possible, use modded to keep the econ engine running, and run very early with a Self-modifying Code if you can get it on the table. Pretty easy for a shaper rig, hopefully will pay off with room for early game aggression.


Demolition Run could be substituted for an additional Legwork, although I like the potential for a real R&D lock with demo run. R&D Interface adds to the combo.

Lockpick is the obvious recurring credit option for Sage, it's the cheapest, it's in-faction and it's stealth I guess.

Inside Job, because it wins games.

1x Test Run in case of trashing etc. can be used in a pinch if you aren't seeing the Self-modifying Code.


Armitage Codebusting, Daily Casts and Modded. I don't love the pace of Kati Jones, especially in a rush deck. Armitage is cheap, and as effective for the length of the game as a Magnum Opus.


To get to 2 link (for Creeper) requires two cards-- the downside of using Chaos Theory: W√ľnderkind. The link comes from The Helpful AI and Dyson Mem Chip.
The Helpful AI can be trashed in a pinch, especially if you don't think you'll see gigantic barriers in your opponent matchup.
When it comes out, I would consider exchanging Daily Casts for Data Folding, but I don't think Underworld Contact matches the speed of the deck, especially since you start with 0 link.


You could drop a Lockpick for a Plascrete Carapace or two, Will-o'-the-wisp is going to be a major counter, you could add more test run/Self-modifying Code. Net damage is a difficult risk, you might consider Feedback Filter.

1 Dec 2014 JamesG

Looks scary and solid!