Andromeda foldingue • Version 2

Pyjam 515

Note : In french, foldingue is an argotic word for nutty.

Today, our dear Andromeda is nuts about recurring credits.

Since the release of Hostage, Underworld Contact has become better but still not good enough. Data Folding (Order & Chaos) solves the equation: Dyson Mem Chip provides links for Underworld Contact (and traces) and unused MU for Data Folding.

So, the deck generates up to 6 recurring credits per turn for any usage (8 with Daily Cast). And very important, it starts early. No need to say how awesome it is.

In this deck, a single copy of Desperado is enough.

The rest, I think, is fairly standard, except maybe for Alias. Thanks to the 3 Faerie and the Knight, no remote is safe, so Alias is enough.

3x R&D Interface + 2x HQ Interface + 2x Sneakdoor Beta, the strategy is obvious and needs no explanation.

Version 2 :

• 3x Sure Gamble ➜ 2x Easy Mark + 1x Daily Casts

I've tried with 3x Daily Cast and it was huge, except when the starting hand contains no Supplier and no Hostage. There, it's a disaster. Also, I noticed that Sure Gamble is unplayable if I draw it too early and useless if I draw it later. Easy Mark solves both problems: starting hand without Supplier and early draw without enough credits.

• 1x John Masanori ➜ 1x Mr. Li

With so many recuring credits, the turn consists of runs, installations, and draws. Mr. Li dramatically improves the quality of the draws.

28 Dec 2014 Friff14


This looks really fun. I like running decks that I'd hate to play against, and this looks like it could be one of those. However, if I were against it, I'd dread a Femme. And with Tollbooth's current popularity (has it ever not been popular?), Femme is a must, in my opinion. I think you'll have enough money to install a femme pretty easy here.

Looking forward to trying this out once O&C is out!

29 Dec 2014 Pyjam

@Friff14 : NACH is a remains of my previous deck. There are other viable alternatives, I suppose.

I'm tired of the Femme Fatale. I wanted to try something else. It's certainly not a mistake to use her instead of Alias.

4 Jan 2015 Pyjam

Last Changes (Version 3) :

-3x New Angeles City Hall ➜ +2x Plascrete Carapace

-1x Daily Casts ➜ +2x Dirty Laundry