The Spanish Influenza v3.0

Snake Eyes 4619

The Spanish Influenza is back.

This is a deck that locks down on HQ and punishes the corp all game long with viruses like Lamprey and Nerve Agent. Djinn is added as a MU solution for that problem that Criminals have - which can hold things like Sneakdoor Beta as well, and be used as a tutor.

Lamprey can completely dominate a large portion of the game. If you catch the Corp poor (say fresh off of an Account Siphon) - and have cheap access into HQ (possibly with Emergency Shutdown and Sneakdoor Beta support), you could install it after the turn they click for 3 credits, and suck them down to zero again. With Security Testing added with Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional's identity ability, this ends up being a huge credit swing. If the corp purges, do your thing for the next turn - then when they click up for credits again, summon your 2nd Lamprey to hand via Djinn and suck them down to zero credits again. Getting them down to zero credits can represent 5 free turns of tempo (assuming they purge right away).

After playing with an Andy Stealth (Black Swan: build for a long time, I decided to try to import some of those ideas into my favourite control deck with The Spanish Influenza v2.1. The economy of a fully supported Switchblade is just ridiculous. In the previous version, RP was a tougher match-up due to taxing sentries like Komainu or Tsurugi, but now you can just cut right through. Datasucker can help support the stealth rig in making Sentries 0 strength if you don't have all the tools out yet. Faerie is there as a means of speeding up your rig in case you don't land into all of the pieces you need right away.

Further changes inspired from the above Black Swan experience include the John Masanori and Security Testing economy/card draw combo engines instead of Kati Jones and Mr. Li.

Currently testing out Cloak for extra stealth security. Further testing required to see if it would be any better than say R&D Interface. There are 2 Ghost Runners and 3 Silencers, so a total of 6 stealth support cards are here as fuel.

5 Jan 2015 jawohl

I have grabbed your latest Spanish Influenza, because as an Anarch player only I wanted to try something new.. And I must admit, that was literally the best experience piloting the deck I've ever had, therefore I am excited to see your newest version!

At some point in one of the games I played in our local league, I had Corroder, Datasucker, Djinn, Lamprey and Nerve Agent on table with the only Criminal card being my ID ;) People laughed that indeed that was a CHANGE for me ;)

8 Jan 2015 Orpheus

Reading the deck, I wondered: if Nerve Agent gets trashed, how do you get it back?

8 Jan 2015 Snake Eyes

Haha, right on @jawohl. I was coming from a pure Anarch Tag-Me Whizzard build before I fell into this one. Definitely lots of Anarch licks in the old one. This one has a more criminal feel because of Switchblade mainly imo! TBH after playtesting this one a little bit here, I've been missing Yog.0. Lotus Field isn't as big of a thing in most decks - and of the ones that it is, a single Cerberus "Rex" H2 along with standard criminal tricks seems to handle them just fine.

@Orpheus - that's an easy one. If it gets trashed, you don't get it back. This isn't a shaper deck with infinite recursion. The solution here is just don't summon it forward with Djinn when you don't need it. Odds are you'll be playing Nerve Agent moderately quickly once you have it in hand. The only ICE suite that should be able to surprise you when piloting is an early lucky Grail build - or if it gets pinged out by Jinteki PE (of which you probably wouldn't want much in terms of multi-access anyway).

8 Jan 2015 Vanadium

Any thought on fitting in a second switchblade? Mine got trashed last night due to a lucky Jinteki net damage hit, and that pretty much killed me. A power shutdown or some other kill could have also done this in a different situation. How do you prevent this or deal with it when your switchblade gets taken?

8 Jan 2015 Vanadium

On typing that out, I realize power shutdown isn't a threat, because you should have silencers or cloak out to trash before the switchblade. But the Jinteki net damage question still remains.

8 Jan 2015 Snake Eyes

That's a piloting call vs PE. Easy to fix:

9 Jan 2015 PaxCecilia

Goddamn I wish you'd stop improving upon this deck :P

13 Jan 2015 Snake Eyes

@PaxCecilia Neveeerrrrrrrr!

I've since made an improvement off of this build. I don't think the influence on Cloak is well spent. Silencers with Datasucker support seems to handle any situation that I've run into so far. I had playtested using R&D Interface online with that space a little bit - but since then I've published up to version 3.2 now to streamline and polish this deck even more.