Government Takeover Fast Advance - World's Top Weyland

carse 319

I went 6-3 with this deck at World's, winning best if faction for Weyland. This deck wins primarily by scoring an early Hostile Takeover or overadvanced Project Atlas then comboing out a Government Takeover. The basic combo is with a Jackson Howard already installed or using Biotic Labor to gain an extra click and install him and Power Shutdown and Accelerated Diagnostics in hand

Power Shutdown

Pop Jackson Howard for Biotic Labor, Interns, and Reclamation Order

Accelerated Diagnostics with Interns for Jackson Howard and Reclamation Order for Accelerated Diagnostics

Pop Jackson Howard for 2x Interns and Shipment from SanSan

Accelerated Diagnostics with Interns for Jackson Howard and Government Takeover then Shipment from SanSan to advance Government Takeover twice

Pop Jackson Howard for 3x Shipment from SanSan

Accelerated Diagnostics to advance Government Takeover 6 times

Advance Government Takeover

Most of the deck is based around setting up the combo. The Ice is gearchecks just to buy a little time to draw the combo while they find breakers, and Guard is nice for getting the first agenda scored since it can't be bypassed. Cyberdex Virus Suite is there to kill Clot at the end of the combo if necessary.

8 Nov 2016 HolyMackerel

This... is awesome. This is a work of art. And it wins, too :)

9 Nov 2016 Disturbed1

Maybe I'm missing something, but how are you getting 5 clicks after using just one Biotic?

9 Nov 2016 HolyMackerel

@Disturbed1: You play it as part of a Diagnostics, so you go +2 clicks.

9 Nov 2016 doxop

@Disturbed1, it took me some time of looking at the play above to make sense of it but here is a "normal" Biotic Labor fast advace play:

1 Biotic Labor (gain 2 for a total of 4 more)

2 Install agenda

3-5 advance, advance, advance

So with Biotic Labor you do always get 5 in a turn but because one of them is to play the card we don't normally of think of it that way. The difference being with the play above is that Accelerated Diagnostics makes the click to play Biotic Labor more than an empty click thus your confusion and mine.

9 Nov 2016 Friff14
  • Power Shutdown, 1

  • Accelerated Diagnostics: 1

    • Biotic Labor: 4

    • Reclamation Order: 1

    • Interns: 0

  • Accelerated Diagnostics: 1

    • 2x Interns, 0
    • 1x Shipment, 0
  • Accelerated Diagnostics: 1

    • 3x Shipment, 0

I count 9. That's incredible. If you need the biotic to get Jackson in, it's 13. And this is core Weyland, you're not gonna be short on money.

So how do you make sure Jackson stays installed? Also, what's your answer to Rumor Mill? And, with Hades being everywhere now, would you consider Foxfire?

9 Nov 2016 Friff14

Oh, I guess it's 10/14 because you have to advance the card too. But still, that's not too hefty of an investment for 6 points.

9 Nov 2016 carse

@Friff14 yeah it takes 10 and 1 scored agenda, which can be supplied by as little as scoring a Hostile Takeover.

12 Nov 2016 Ulkrond

Welp! Gotta hand it to you. You did it and you made it work!

18 Nov 2016 jjjrich1

Thats cool bro

7 Dec 2016 Djaris

So- I'm still relatively nub, and I think I understand what's going on here, but the one bit of detail that's missing- When you play Power Shutdown, you're throwing literally your whole deck into archives. Which lets you use Accelerated Diagnostics onto the stack right where you need it, so you can have enough to do your combo to advance Government Takeover and win the game...?

7 Dec 2016 carse

@Djaris yes, Power Shutdown everything, use Jackson Howard to put back the three cards listed, play Accelerated Diagnostics, repeat with other Jacksons as described above scoring Government Takeover and, as long as you've scored anything else, winning

8 Dec 2016 Gorger

That Deck looks really interesting but I am wondering how often you can win with this Combo. Am I right that you can`t combo when you have any of the Combo Cards in Hand? Or am I missing something?

8 Dec 2016 carse

@Gorger I've gotten the combo off in half the games I've played. You're right, you don't want any of the cards you need to put back with Jackson Howard to be in your hand when trying to combo. So if you draw them early you should overdraw and discard, or use them for something. If you happen to draw something the turn you plan to score out you can usually replace that card with Biotic Labor and use the two clicks to play the card.

8 Dec 2016 Subbax

If I draw into the Government Takeover, do I need to overdraw and discard him or can I play it from hand during the combo?

8 Dec 2016 carse

@Subbax not only can you play it from hand, you can replace the Interns used to pull it from archives with a Biotic Labor if you install it, gaining 1 extra click so you don't have to start with Jackson Howard installed. Or if you don't need that click and don't have the extra credits for Biotic Labor you can still use Interns to install it from hand.

19 Dec 2016 DonCheadle

Amazing build, but wouldn't 3 Hostile Takeovers and 2 Atlasi be a better distribution since Hostile lends itself rather well to Rumor Mill trashing?

19 Dec 2016 carse

@DonCheadle three Hostile Takeover and 2 Project Atlas leave you 1 agenda point short of a legal deck. You could add in another Hostile, but then you'd need to remove a card elsewhere. Also to be honest if someone knows what you're doing and tries to lock you out with Rumor Mill and recursion you almost definitely lose because they can hold off on running until they can recur it. Also overadvanced atlases are great as an early score to pull the last combo piece after they run, or if you're all set to score out atlas train to force a run.

20 Mar 2017 Bigstarduck

Holy Cow! I had to read through that combo a few times, but once I got it my mind was blown. I can't wait to try this out.