Shaper First

homff 1

First Shaper Deck attempt

12 May 2022 m.p

You might want to reduce the amount of corroders, femmes (consider swapping them out for something like Carmen or Echelon to save influence) and gordian blades to gain more deck space, as you can get them easily with Self-Modifying Codes. You might also want to include Clot against fast-advance. Also, people usually have some special plan to win the game other than "let´s wait for the corp to install something and then check if it´s an agenda", like Conduit for a more permanent multi-access than The Maker´s Eye or the new Deep Dive. Paricias can be swapped for Scrubbers and I´m not really sure what you have panchachantra for (AFAIK it can be only used for something like Sadyojata but that´s jank-level combo sooo)