Psycho X-GF Mk 1.1 14th at BC Regionals

zengoshugoju 24

Felt underprepared after tanking with my snowflake decks in our local GNK so panicked and put this together. A little awkward to be perpetuating the Zero/CV deck glut but hadn't had any real success with my usual stable.

I think it's actually decent but I failed to perform and so fell to some pretty good competition. Had a blast and met some cool NR players, no regrets!

Round 1: Bye from SC,

Round 2: Win against Ian S.'s ridiculously quick Titan deck on a literal last round, last click hail-mary Stimhack into HQ. Ian was a great guy and took it well, this should have been his game but I lucked it out.

Round 3: Loss to Matt N.'s vicious PU deck. This was a slow game and I felt the pressure to get a win and switch decks, even though I was ahead on points. That played into his hands and I quickly fell apart. My deck was actually cycling well and I wish I had stayed level-headed and played this one out.

Round 4: Loss to Clint S.'s solid Mti deck. I was on tilt after being swept in the previous round and basically forgot about his ID completely. After he scored the 2nd Nisei I folded and switched to Runner. Not the end to the day I had hoped for but it was cool to see Clint advance to the Top 8. If we had split neither of us would have advanced so there you go.

I had a great experience despite the end result, really a treat to see so many people playing NR in one place. Met some great players and saw some high-level NR, which is always a good day.