Keystone v2.1

ItJustGotRielle 2932

The latest refinements to Keystone 2.0. I have been playing this for a quite a while, taking it to numerous GNK tournaments and Store tournaments (there are 3 tournaments per month held within driving range here), and watching how it performs. There are always stronger and weaker matchups, to any deck, but I definitely feel I have tuned this deck to the apex of what it can be. When Order and Chaos is released Keystone will be reinvented in Argus Security, with a rough-draft decklist already in mind that I look forward to proxy-testing soon (based on spoiler info). I'm happy to answer any questions about this deck, and especially hoping to be able to record some games of me playing it to share with you all before the launch of OaC!

9 Jan 2015 Elthane

What other changes do you plan to make based on O&C spoilers? Why argus? Why take keystone out if Blue Sun?

9 Jan 2015 sruman

I find Information Overload a curious choice. Trace 1 is not that strong and giving the tag is only good on runner's last click-run (which good players won't usually do). It's not really an over-sight AI target or anything so ... Why not just another Data Raven which has a better (And more useful if you win) trace and is more taxing to run for less money.

9 Jan 2015 moistloaf

@sruman Blun Sun generally has a significant credit lead on the Runner. most runners will go tag me if they get Midseason Replacements for 5+. Information Overload gives you a surprise punish that doesn't involve meat damage.

9 Jan 2015 HiggsBozo

Wait aren't you in CO?


9 Jan 2015 IonFox

Just wondering, what are your thoughts om putting in an elizabeth mills (probably taking out a shutdown) in order to have a means to deal with all the bad pub this deck spits out?

9 Jan 2015 Glitch


I believe his first version of this deck had Elizabeth Mills in it and he talked about taking it out because it doesn't usually add up to very much. Also, in Weyland, bad publicity is more of a help than a hindrance since it helps to set up Midseason Replacements, Scorched Earth, Power Shutdown and Information Overload.


I'm digging this version of the deck just like you're other version but I'm also confused about the swap to Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed. In my limited experience proxying that ID, the ability rarely works the way you want it to. To be fair though, you might see something that I don't (you did make this awesome Weyland archetype).

Keep up the good work!

9 Jan 2015 ncaron

Just out of curiosity, have you thought about Eliza's Toybox in this deck? Also, how often and to what use do you mostly use Biotic Labor?

9 Jan 2015 nydnarb

@ncaron Biotic Labor can do a lot of work. For one, you can score a Project Atlas out of hand, usually for the win. You can recur it multiple times with Jackson Howard and Project Atlas tokens. I've used it to triple Scorched Earth my opponent in one turn (after a Midseason Replacements). It really opens up your hand.

10 Jan 2015 ItJustGotRielle

@sruman No runner in their right mind continues through Data Raven in Weyland unless you are broke and they are not- Data Raven is absolutely fantastic as a single ice over HQ to rez in response to Account Siphon (3 tags? Ok). A full turn to take 5 from me and net 4 in most cases, not to mention I dump potential siphon credits into a trace if they continue to secure the Raven counter. The same goes for Information Overload- this goes on HQ. A tag-me Criminal with 2 plascretes trying to slam you with Siphons will have a terrible time with this. IO is an on-encounter trace, meaning you can rez this ice and literally dump ALL your credits into the trace if it is a last click run, then bounce it for a convenient 6 to double scorch. Raven and IO together allow for flexibility and throwing off the runner. Midseason, as mentioned by @Glitch, makes a runner go tag-me since you dumped so many credits into tags- maybe with two plascrete out they feel safe, since they'll never use one unless you double scorch, but IO says "I spent twelve credits on a trace on you, and you spent nothing. NOW spend twelve credits to avoid losing twelve cards." It is the way you punish a tag-me runner. Someone with twelve tags will run through Data Raven all day every day, but not IO. Yes, Fairie, hence 3 Power Shutdown. DataRaven is a way to be menacing without spending too many credits, and can sometimes keep the runner out for fifteen turns, which is awesome. But when you have a window for Midseason (of which there are few) you want to take it, the sooner they go tag-me the better, and you may not be holding the scorches, but the IO you installed turn three just turned on in a HUGE way and the runner cannot ever see a one-of coming. Power dig for Scorches, bouncing IO and planting it on Archives with a Jackson on the table.

Sorry for the long answer, hope I was able to shed some light on my thoughts behind the picks.

10 Jan 2015 ItJustGotRielle

@HiggsBozo I'm actually in Southwest Ohio (Dayton), 45 minutes from both Cincinnati and Columbus, so there is always competitive play to be had. I'm fortunate to be sandwiched right in the center of a robust meta! My game store here is very large and hoping to host a regionals this year so maybe I'll see some of you there- they tried last year and ended up getting X-Wing regionals but not Netrunner.

10 Jan 2015 ItJustGotRielle

@ncaron @nydnarb Biotic is a wonder-card. Things that get installed in a remote but not advanced when your turn ends are completely non-threatening; the runner always assumes it to be a Jackson or Adonis, or EBC. If it's an Atlas, so what, he'll get a blank 2 pointer out with no atlas counter- the equivalent of volunteering to score an astro without its token. Ask most runners- don't waste time with unadvanced Weyland remotes, just punish their centrals for wasting clicks on bad bluffs or slow assets. Now install a geothermal fracking in that remote and draw a card or something, play a hedge fund. On your next turn, bounce a remote ice to pay for it if you have to, and Biotic that 4/2 out. Same goes for an overadvanced Atlas.

A more rewarding play, do the same thing with a Posted Bounty while holding Midseason/Scorches. Run and take this, get tagged, die. Don't run and take this, Biotic to triple advance Bounty, Scorch, die. Welcome to Weyland, where all decisions you give the runner are bad. For them.

10 Jan 2015 ncaron

@ItJustGotRielle any thoughts about replacing the 3 Geothermal Fracking by 2 5/3 agendas? Was thinking about Government Contracts and Hades Fragment (Noise heavy meta).

10 Jan 2015 SlySquid

God damn I love these fucking decks!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO GOOOD! I played you last verson and it was tight, can't wait to sleeve this up...

10 Jan 2015 Halarith

@ncaronI'm not sure changing the agendas for 2 5/3s is necessarily a good idea for this deck. You can't Biotic Labor an un-advanced one and score the same turn, it lowers the windows you have to use Midseason Replacements, as now they need less agendas to actually win if they take it, and you lose a massive potential burst economy that Geothermal Fracking can give you; I know Government Contracts can be used for money as well, but it's a lot more inefficient the turn you're trying to Midseason them to oblivion.

I feel like the moment you put more 5/3s in this deck you should become a Punitive Counterstrike deck; and at that point you're changing the entire structure of this deck.

All that being said, @ItJustGotRielle, while Elizabeth Mills was mentioned earlier in the thread, do you think there will be enough Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe decks once OaC releases that it could warrant having her back in the deck? It's probably somewhat of a fringe card already, but that's the one (and only deck, really) that I wouldn't want more than 1 bad publicity against.

11 Jan 2015 elderbookwyrm

I've been running a version of Blue Sun Keystone, tweaking it. Just a simple question. What do you think of Lycan vs Grim? I found the ability to have a program destruction on a non-sentry has been useful at times. Though my guess is the extra strength is the reasoning. I'm curious to see your Argus build.

11 Jan 2015 ItJustGotRielle

@ncaron For this deck, Hades Fragment is doable, do so at your discretion. A good noise deck makes you move FAST to score out, because you're using your Jacksons to prevent hemorrhaging of agendas instead of to recurr power cards for reuse with Atlas. This deck becomes a Snareless Supermodernism deck vs. Noise basically, power forward and score the first agenda you get, don't play econ cards you don't need, toss Shutdowns, and try to get a sneaky Posted scored to flatline or snipe aesops.

Geothermal Fracking is amazing, because when a runner is overcoming you, it buys you two turns, which is enough to get your next agenda out and move your board state forward. Surging forward fourteen credits (ideally with a curtain wall rezzed) means "break this remote and die". 3 pointers cannot be used to "power forward", instead you score one all game for a great effect that does nothing to help you work a flatline and consumes more than two entire turns.

12 Jan 2015 ItJustGotRielle

@SlySquid Thanks for the praise man! I caught a segment on Sansan South recently as well, where you brought the deck up. I appreciate the shout-outs, and I'm glad people are figuring out how strong this deck can be once you are practiced with it. Enjoy, and let me know how the tuned version feels in your hands!

12 Jan 2015 ItJustGotRielle

Update: Took first at another GNK tournament Saturday, 13 attendance. Suffered a second round loss with the deck vs. a Kate (shaper is this deck's most difficult matchup) who rushed an Opus and my response to that is usually to set up a fast remote and score out to match point or dig for Midseason/Posted Bounty; I was ice flooded because I could not pull agendas to score when I had the windows to do so and he eventually scored out my 3 pointer to take the game, 4 - 7.

@SlySquid regarding Argus: my core deck idea is running Psychic Field, False Lead, Mushin, Vulcan Cover-up, The Cleaners. Probably going 3x Atlas, 2x, Cleaners, and a slew of one-pointers as it stands now. The real dream in Argus is Chairman Hiro, but whethero not he can be protected or not is unsure. If you have a False Lead scored and a Hiro hiding in a remote all kinds of nastiness gets opened up to the runner. With a max hand size of 3, a Snare on any click, period, means a flatline with False Lead if you can score a Vulcan the following turn. The same goes for Psychic Field (no influence for snare really). False Lead is clearly perfect for the deck- the threat of a Biotic on a Vulcan meanstherunner can't drop to a single card, or with Cleaners scored, they can't have two cards in hand on a second click. This means running ice that clears cards from their hand will be a strong addition. My thoughts so far, though I've yet to sleeve a proxy deck yet.

12 Jan 2015 CowboyHatValor

Thanks for sharing, Blue Sun has been a love for the last few months but I've had some difficulty closing the game when scorch opportunities have passed and I have 5-6 points but vulnerable servers. Biotic does look to solve this not-completely-rare occurrence. Do you think swordsman could be an appropriate splash over Information Overload for an AI heavy meta, or once O&C hits?

12 Jan 2015 ItJustGotRielle

@CowboyHatValor AI is not efficient for multiple ice (although DinoSage is rather obnoxious thusfar) so you should be focusing on the flatline angle since AI decks require so much support.

Eater is very worrisome to me for this deck. However, Swordsman is a very useless ice for Weyland if AI is not threat though, as your destroyer suite is likely to get a killer out asap. I would much rather they run my Data Raven with their Crypsis than a swordsman, since it will only fire once, and like I mentioned, AI decks have a lot of support to deal with losing one. I will never cut IO. I'm telling you, you may not understand until you've used the deck a few times, but IO scares the hell out of the runner, even when untagged, because they realize that you must be playing tag support cards to use it; they look at your 30 credits and your Curtain Wall and they realize if they steal from you, they better be ready to have a 16-credit pool to use for facechecking. Femme tricks do not keep it from gaining subroutines, it cannot be broken with David, Atman-4 still pays for it. You bounce it, shuffle HQ, put down 2 pieces, and they need to have another 16 to not lose their board. Midseason makes a runner go tag-me, and IO makes you win when they go tag-me.

That being said, Eater effects (mainly Keyhole, god) will likely make me add one or two Will o the Wisp, since Eater is not a virus and not searchable. If you have issues with AI that is the most practical card for you right now.

13 Jan 2015 ncaron

Alright, one more thought. How about swapping one Geothermal Fracking for a Private Security Force? If they get multiple tags it seems it would put a lot of pressure on them.

13 Jan 2015 ItJustGotRielle

@ncaron if you're playing Weyland, they're already pressured, or you're doing something wrong :P the agendas fuel the deck with econ it needs to land the Midseason or power through with the Biotic; PSF is a nice idea but doing 4 meat damage for a click is better than doing one.

13 Jan 2015 ncaron

@ItJustGotRielle good point :) I guess I'm just trying to figure out how to change that deck to make it better and to say "Hey I didn't just net deck this one! I changed it!" ;)

13 Jan 2015 CowboyHatValor

@ItJustGotRielle You're right, I don't know why it slipped my mind that killers are a high priority to get on the board against weyland, particularly with a one-pointer scored. I'm definitely going to give IO a shot based on your strong defense, and have slipped in a Will-o' as a meta call. Looking forward to trying out your deck!

14 Jan 2015 Fortunasown

Got my entire board wiped by a IO in Weyland Sunday. Next turn he bounced it and scorched me to death. Yeah, that card is worth every penny and point of influence.

17 Jan 2015 (A)Joke

@ItJustGotRielle do you like Corporate War in Blue Sun? Have you tested it in this deck?

19 Jan 2015 ItJustGotRielle

@(A)Joke I tested Corporate War, and it's solid for the variants of this deck playing assets like Adonis. My deck though, generally runs lean- it's not hard to crack my HQ if the runner is determined to lose tempo to siphon me, which is a weakness for the deck. To shore up the weakness, I went with Fracking; Siphon recovery for a click. Corporate War takes advantage of your tempo letting you collapse the remote it's in to make the 7 threshold so there is obvious synergy, -however- this style of deck doesn't like to spend clicks it doesn't have to, reinstalling the bounced ice after netting your 7. If that's a 2nd row install, you're -1, plus the extra click, and it only fires WHEN you score, also potentially jeopardizing a central if you desperation-bounce an R&D ice hoping to threaten trace retaliation. With the Midseason in here, any turn they score an agenda they need 24 more credits than you (in a world with a rezzed Curtain and a scored Geothermal, not entirely unfeasible) to keep you from clearing Geothermal and last click Midseason'ing them to make them be tag-me the rest of the game (hello Information Overload!).

Overall Geothermal makes the deck dynamic, makes you more threatening. Corporate War is a nice way to score 2 points while recovering your click costs and advancements, so it's good for keeping tempo. This deck lives on the razor edge and wants to leverage the dynamic power of Weyland to keep the game under your control.

tl;dr- Geothermal for siphon recovery and Midseason.

26 Jan 2015 CowboyHatValor

Took this to a Store Championship this evening. Didn't have time to test but figured I'd get a feel for the deck and get an alternate ID out of it. Didn't quite pull it off but walked away with a top-4 playmat. Highlight was IO being hit with 16 subroutines - wiped the board. Was surprised how intuitive the deck flows, which has typically been a problem with Weyland for me. Thanks for sharing the deck!

27 Jan 2015 ItJustGotRielle

@CowboyHatValor Thanks for sharing the story! The IO plays are the pinnacle play, I might actually have it work out 1 of every 10 games. That's the stuff Success Kid memes are made of. Congrats on placing top 4!

27 Jan 2015 ttsgosadow

Have you played this deck against stealth Andy yet? Switchblade will be very good against this deck, sadly.

27 Jan 2015 HiggsBozo

Weyland can get a lot or rushing done while Stealth Andy is still setting up.

I [as Stealth Andy] managed to lose to Supermodernism in a tournament.

16 Apr 2015 hbarsquared

Have you thought about porting this to Titan instead of Argus? Titan has two more influence, and your Atlas' don't need to be overadvanced to get a token. Mark Yale can replace the OAIs for massive burst econ, and the influence could buy you another IO or Data Raven.

1 Jul 2015 Humanoids

Is this deck viable even now? With some tweaks it might do well, don't you think?