Experimental Flatliner

bo_ 13

I've played only one game with this deck and against a Tier 2 build, but I have very good feelings with it. The very silver bullet is recursive Deus X. Out of that, I think this can work. The approach is easy. Try to ambush as often as possible. Mushin No Shin + Project Junebug and wait for it. If the trap is not sprung, build a central with Whirlpool + Bullfrog. Meanwhile, weak the runner with Cerebral Cast and Neural EMP and Tori Hanzō + Data Mine. You can reuse it for a final flatline with Reclamation Order. And, of course, if the tag is chosen, Scorched Earth.

Any ideas on how to improve it? Thanks in advance.

12 Jan 2015 quiciuq

This deck lacks any form of stopping the Runner (except of dicouraging) and pummeling R&D is pretty easy here. Single Medium (not to mention Keyhole) will ruin your day. Deus X is an overkill here (nothing deals more than single net damage, except of Project Junebug).

Try putting in Snares! (also means of tagging) instead of Psychic Fields and consider Punitive Counterstrikes - your agendas are barely protected and almost all of them are 3-pointers - Fetal AI works with Punitive on it's own.

12 Jan 2015 bo_

Nice idea! Added Snare! and Punitive Counterstrike. When I test it I will update with breaking news :D