Blue Sunny, aka Aquawoman - 3rd place @ Euros

Cpt_nice 1924

Sunny and her sea turtle did it again

Not quite that original of a deck anymore, but hey. If it keeps being fun to play, performing well and turn some heads, why not just keep at it?

Earth's best mom mostly carried me into the top 16 at Euros, winning 5 out 6 games. It beat Titan, Sportsmetal, Jinteki PE, Jinteki RP and Aginfusion. It lost in a very close game against ASA, where I got to 6 points but couldn't fish for the last one. In the top cut it beat Titan, Gamenet and then lost vs... ASA. Considering the deck also went 5 - 1 at BLM tournament and its only loss was ASA, maybe this deck has a bad match up? Further research required!

If you want a full breakdown of how the deck operates, I suggest you check out one of my other decklists, although questions are always welcome. Going over the changes this time around:

Dropped Daily Casts, Scrubbers and Cybertrooper

I would run Daily Casts if I had 3 leftover slots, but running 2 or even 1 feels weird. Also I don't like installing it without Career Fair and it not being virtual for Gachapon is just sad times. The Scrubbers felt underwhelming and I feel that banking too hard on dismantling boards might not be the way to go, especially since you want to have an allrounder deck. Cybertrooper was a nice 2-install virtual with 1 link but its text is rarely relevant and thus just not good enough to warrant inclusion. Hopper also gives link and helps you survive Punitive and Obo shenanigans, so a second one is nice to have

Fencer fueno

A newcomer this time around is Fencer Fueno, a cute little narwhal who got added to Sunny's managerie of aquatic superfriends. Akira's list was on Mystic Maemi, which I tried out but didn't really like in this list. While Fueno's credit use is somewhat restrictive, it functions as a scrubber that you can install for 0 and find with Gachapon. Also, it works with Ash traces, Ikawah, Bellona, and a lot of other stuff you probably hadn't considered. I dumped it in half my games, but when it hit the (virtual) table, it was fantastic.

Also, it is a narwhal, narwhals are super cute. So there's that

Pad tap

Brought back in mostly out of curiosity, and they put in good work. The drip is very reliable and worth the influence. Flexible slots but definitely a great card.

2 White hats instead of 1

I had 1 slot left, and someone suggested a second copy. White Hat is great vs Titan and good vs everything else.

Highlights of the weekend

  • Stealing the winning 7th point vs PE with 1 card left in hand and 0 in deck
  • Completely destroying a RP board with Fencer Fueno
  • All my sick rips against Titan
  • People in the stream chat thinking I couldn't steal a Bellona after going through a monstrous Gamenet server twice, but having just enough credits because of Dreamnet (and Fueno)

Thank you to everyone at Nisei who organised this tournament, to all streamers for the fantastic coverage, and all my opponents for the great games!

26 Jul 2020 NtscapeNavigator

I forgot fencer existed when I put mystic in my version. It is much better than scrubbers and with so much bellona feels fine as a 1 of.

Gz on 3rd overall. The game vs patrick with the monster server bellonna steal was amazing to watch.

27 Jul 2020 paulyg

This deck even has a theme tune!

27 Jul 2020 mrteatime66

Amazing work @Cpt_nice! So happy to see some of your games on the stream. Can't wait to try out this list. How do you feel about the 2nd Hopper? Did this do work for you? I sometimes find it really hard to find the 3 creds to even install my first one.

27 Jul 2020 Cpt_nice

@An Ordinary Hacker Girl: Fully agree. And thank you!

@paulyg: Nice!

@mrteatime66: I can definitely see an argument for 1 but I feel now that Film Critic is gone, people are (even) more om Punitive or Obo Shenanigans. You definitely want to see it in most cases, and with 1 copy you might not find it in time. And if you have the luxury of going into the late game you can install the second copy for 5 link, and fully assemble Exodia ;)

27 Jul 2020 vesper



Congrats & good luck with the Intercontinentals!