Henader 41

11 Sep 2018 Henader

Idea behind this deck is simple: abuse the free memory. All breakers benefit from it, Deep Data Mining, Data Folding as well.

Plan is simple: Mulligan for Professional Contacts, then build up a bit in order to Deep Data Mining/Legwork for the win. Contesting remotes is also encouraged :)

Basically any 2 breakers give you entry to all servers. Overmind on it's own is great for early aggression. Modded plays nice with constant draw from Professional Contacts.

This deck is constructed in such way, that it almost doesn't matter in which order will the programs/hardware/most resources arrive. If you find something useful, and it won't break you economically - then just install it.

Feedback Filter is strictly against thousand-cut Jinteki corps, and Because I Can works great in disarming traps, problematic remotes and bouncing the NBN: Controlling the Message/Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon assets (especially Daily Business Show).

Have fun!