Comrades Hayley

Wyrm 1092

I’m very thankful to the Comrades for hosting me at their AirBnB at the last minute, and also helping me with decks. This, along with the Mti, were developed and tested by Comrades, along with the Val and CTM.

These other two decks were quite a bit less successful than the Val/CTM, but I managed at least to get 31st. Other Comrades who played this include Jonas and Eric C.

As it was in 2017, Hunting Grounds is incredibly important vs Raven. D4 is worth every bit of its 4 inf in Shaper especially with CC unrestricted. The extra Interdiction is there mostly to clear Scarcity which is an issue when played vs shaper on T1.

Special thanks for Dien Tran who I played at the end of Day 1. It was an incredibly memorable game and I’m very glad to finish my last official Worlds as a Shaper.