Moonbase Alpha v1.1 (Stable Build)

Snake Eyes 4581

This is an NBN: Making News Tagstorm deck with multiple winning conditions that revolve around either tagging the runner, or triple advancing a single AstroScript Pilot Program and riding the train to victory. All of the options available make the deck a lot of fun to pilot.

Version 2.1 is just a minor edit that I've been meaning to post. The Shoot the Moon bait, but otherwise too expensive Flare, has been replaced with Data Raven. Data Raven benefits the deck in that it can either a.) provide some tags to which you can punish the runner with, b.) tax the runner even more in forcing them to shed the tags (although if Data Raven ever gets a power counter, it becomes insurance to deal punishment later), or c.) prevents the runner from continuing on with their run. As they fear the tag. All of these things are of benefit to you.

Due to the prevalence of Order and Chaos, my asset staple has moved to 3 Jackson Howard and 1 Daily Business Show.

A single Shoot the Moon is amazing in this deck. I've single advanced a Breaking News to free rez an Archer and a Tollbooth before. If you can land any early Manhunt or Dracō tags, this can get quite tasty quite quickly.

Archer is great in NBN. It is generally unexpected, and Breaking News is the perfect throw-away card. A single Information Overload sits in this deck too. While it requires a lot of set up - once it is established, imo it is the strongest piece of ICE in the game. I've had some fun moments wiping out 13 card rigs.

The deck is a little light on economy - make sure to ICE up HQ against Siphons. Hitting a single Melange Mining Corp. is extremely helpful in set up. Being able to hit it 2 or 3 times basically guarantees a victory. Strategic Pop-up Window and trying to Jackson Howard back your economy helps.

Archived Memories is a great splash for this deck. It opens up the double Scorched Earth easily enough - or brings you back some much needed economy or trickery (Closed Accounts anyone?) at just the right moment.


Sacrifice NAPD Contract if you have Midseason Replacements in hand. Play Manhunt as soon as your econ us semi-stable to tax the hell out of the runner. Don't be afraid to mess with the runner by scoring Breaking News and then playing Closed Accounts as soon as they get rich.

This deck has won many times by Psychographics over 2 point agendas, or even just making the elusive 7 point Project Beale. I would say, that in this deck, Project Beale is actually better than AstroScript Pilot Program.

Considerations for the future:

While I haven't played against a tonne of Valencia Blackmail decks - there is a counter card that will be coming out for that soon, in-faction for NBN. I am guessing that the San San Cycle will offer some new mechanics for Making News to operate with - as it stands this deck has, for the most part, been doing what it is supposed to do. It has not been tested heavily in an O&C world though. I can only assume that it will have a harder time now than before, and it might be time to put this deck to rest for a while - while giving some new of the new Weyland tricks their time to shine.

11 Feb 2015 PaxCecilia

Would -1 Wall of Static +1 Wraparound help against Eater alright?

11 Feb 2015 Snake Eyes

That's a good plan tbh!

3 Mar 2015 Snake Eyes

So a public notice: @PaxCecilia beat me using my own deck, using his little one card tweak right up there, on the weekly meet up in our meta following his post.

I didn't even realize that he netdecked my own deck against me until like almost the end of the game, hahaha.

ItJustGotRielle and I had some laughs on OCTGN a few days after it happened. He shared my pain about how he went out of town for a tournament this one time, where multiple people were using his Keystone deck against him - a majority of them winning against him IIRC.

3 Mar 2015 PaxCecilia