Rich Kits - Undefeated* at Norwich SC (7th overall)

bowlsley 563

I took Kit to my first SC and was first in Swiss until I had to drop for the last round! Such a fun day and I'm amazed I did so well.

Highlights on the runner side for each round were:

  • Nearly getting tricked into leaving two naked double-advanced Obokatas on the table against Harmony Medtech
  • A tense couple of minutes where I thought I was safe from a Punitive whack from The Outfit but had to wait for the corp to do the maths.
  • All sorts of nonsense luck against AgInf, including getting bounced into a Tithonium and losing most of my key cards (and still winning!), stealing all three Niseis over two turns, and completely chancing upon a winning tactic with an exploratory R&D dig on the last turn.

This deck is straightforward - get the money makers down and then pressure R&D and as many remotes as is feasible. Inversificator is expensive compared to other options, but so good at ruining the corp's day. Even with an slow start you can quickly bankrupt them by swapping every rezzed piece of ICE off R&D during repeated Stargate runs.

All of my games were quite short, which really paid off the choice to play Kit - I don't think I had a single game where I had more than one breaker installed (Pelangi is such a great card), and the early pressure (ProCo tempo loss excepted) was worth a lot.

Really unfortunate that I couldn't stick around to at least finish the swiss rounds but glad I at got to play what I did. Many thanks to Havvy for organising the tournament, and everyone I played for being so friendly and welcoming!

*my last game in Swiss would have been against Heinzel's winning Titan and I'm pretty sure its speed would have been too much even for me!

12 Jul 2020 114141

it even was your first tournament, right? super cool that you made it that far. I hope we meet at euros.

how did supercorridor work for you? it always reads super awkward to me.

13 Jul 2020 bowlsley

Hey @114141! First day-long tournament, yup. Yeah really looking forward to Euros now, hope to see you there too. :)

I never installed Supercorridor on the day because the games were so quick, but I've generally liked it in practice. The +2mu and handsize increase is enough of a benefit for me, the credit effect is just a nice bonus (that I'm really bad at paying attention to).