World’s Best Leela (5th at Worlds 2020)

Sokka 4355

Everyone was saying Leela was going to win worlds. It really should have, but Game Changer is OP.

I absolutely love where this list ended up. Shaper has always been my favourite runner faction, but since the faction itself isn’t in the best spot right now, this deck really does feel like a Shaper at Home. It’s very flexible, has good answers to many different game states, and it also has Diesels. The only thing it’s missing is Misdirection but that’s close enough for me.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to do a proper write up but I’m more than happy to respond to anything specific in the comments. Be sure to check out my Corp Aginchild 3.0 as well!

I want to thank my team for all the time that we spent together preparing for this tournament. For those who don’t know, House Hippos play Netrunner for 16 hours a day and only come out at night.

Also a big thank you to NISEI for everything that they do and keeping the best card game and card game community alive.

Always Be Running.