Shaper (Kate) - Econ. & Icebr (Deck from Single Core set)

Trypios 1907

A:NR rule-book suggests that beginner runners should start with Kate. After a lot of deck-building within the core set, I experimented with all 3 IDs. Gabriel became my favorite after I included a Gordian Blade] in his deck. Noise is also good in a chaotic way, but kind of weak in the core set. I feel that Shaper is more powerful (core set only) because of her ability and general economy. I built this rig to help beginners with Shaper strategy that's not running necessarily every turn, but once the deck is built she's very dangerous.

Hardware + Icebreakers

The reason I included 1-off icebreakers is to conserve deck space and influence. 3 copies of Gordian Blade are plenty to find it in deck. Special Orders and #Diesel will help find the rest. Tinkering will also be of aid early and mid game if the rig is not complete yet. Use The Personal Touch for Corroder or Gordian Blade...or even Crypsis. No need to use it for Ninja unless there's an [Archer] rezzed.

Full rig consists of 4. I need 7 to include Magnum Opus and Net Shield. Akamatsu Mem Chip and one of the consoles will provide extra .

A console is very important for the runner and it's a shame the core set only has 1 of each. I included The Toolbox and Desperado, install whichever comes first. They both provide good economy, but I'd rather install Toolbox with the aid of Modded and Kate's ability. Grimoire is an amazing console but useless to this deck aside the .

Economy & card draw

The core set doesn't have many ways of card draw, fortunately Shapers get Diesels for free. Special Orders will also prove helpful.